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More BS- Researchers Now Say Zika Virus May Increase Risk Of Mental Illness

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Researchers Now Say Zika Virus May Increase Risk Of Mental Illness


Many will have noticed that the Zika virus publicity front page headline machine had started to wither away.

But it’s making a comeback and with some new problems.

Experts now say that the Zika virus closely resembles some infectious agents that have been linked to the development of autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Truth King reports:

But the pharmaceutical ambition to profit from yet another vaccine is highly dependent on our enslavement to the idea that our babies are going to be deformed. Without that basic concept, which was the original pitch, the whole thing falls apart for pharma. However, shifted gears and are now pitching new ailments being associated with Zika. And it is rather brilliant.

The new created consequence of Zika? Mental disorders and developmental disorders such as autism. Now hold on, take a breath, and realize what is actually happening here. A slew of more exacting issues is named which fall underneath both categories, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. What do all these disorders have in common? No true official cause. And this fits perfectly with what pharma is trying to accomplish. With the microcephaly connection falling apart, pharma can move to new disorders which are considered to have a variety of instigators and no official cause. This means pitching that “Zika causes autism or bipolar disorder” is easy work. It becomes difficult to contest.

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