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Getting Rid of Period Cramps by Putting Weed in Your Vagina

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Foria Relief is a new cannabis suppository dedicated to menstrual pain SOPHIE
As I continue to ascend through my 20s, I’ve become increasingly concerned with what I put in my body. I don’t know if it’s growing up, increasing knowledge, or an unconscious attempt to create the perfect incubation chamber for hypothetical babies. I swore off box hair dye after reading about the toxins, I’ve exchanged acrylic nails for DIY safer and cruelty-free nail polishes like Deborah Lippmann, and I even switched out drug store tampons for Etsy-purchased reusable menstrual pads.

The first — and only — cannabis suppository on the market dedicated to treating menstrual cramps, Foria Relief officially launched January 25th. You might know Foria from Foria Pleasure, the cannabis sensation enhancement oil (I tried this as well and can recommend it, vividly). With the launch of vaginal suppositories created to relieve menstrual cramps, Foria’s claiming their throne as the queen of all vagina-related cannabis needs.

The suppository capsules are made with just three natural ingredients: organic cocoa butter, CO2 extracted cannabis oil, and CBD isolate. According to doctors, this is news worth celebrating. “We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is painful menstrual periods. It’s a fantastic modality to help patients,” said Morton Barke, MD. Barke is a retired gynecologist with nearly 50 years of experience who is currently working as the medical director of a Venice, CA medical marijuana evaluation center.

Whether you’re using the Foria Relief for dysmenorrhea, run of the mill cramps, or mid-cycle discomfort, it works the same way: by activating your body’s cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region. Foria Relief is safe to use with tampons, and is created in a mid-range of average vaginal pH as to not disrupt your balance. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in, and you can expect some light discharge (although I barely noticed any on my Etsy panty liners).

Period cramps are caused by uterine cramps triggered by pain and inflammation associated with your period. The suppositories contain both CBD (or Cannabidiol) and THC (aka Tetrahydrocannabinol) — the two big weed acronyms you need to know.

“We know that cannabis does help pain,” says Morton Barke, MD.

Tim Drennan, Foria’s Director or Product Development and “resident scientist,” explains how THC and CBD help with cramping: “If you view pain as frequencies, as a huge jagged piece like you’re looking at a radio signal, if you look at pleasure or baseline stimulation, it’s a long, nice, flowing, gentle wave,” Drennan says, “What THC does on the nerve terminal, is it modulates out the high frequency signals. It doesn’t allow the high frequency signals to go through. That’s how it is able to modulate pain and still not produce sensation or reduce nerve control. Whereas an opiate just blocks it.” Inflammation can also cause pain. According to Drennan, the CBD “reduces inflammation through your immune system actually, the cells that control inflammation.”

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  1. Joseph Kerr Joseph Kerr says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! i was going to ask if you’re high but you are!! all the time!! that explain your paranoia and this kind of absolutely hilarious post! I’m a guy and I know you don’t stuff things like that!! it’s an infection recipe!

  2. Steve Obrien Steve Obrien says:

    be some paranoid cunts walking around

  3. Mike Williams here’s your cure homie lol

  4. David Luther David Luther says:

    Then you can get high while eating your lady

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