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Former U.S. Government Agent: “We Had Endless Battery Technology 50 Years Ago”

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Picture of Free Energy Battery

 Sterling D. Allan, founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc.

I think most of us are familiar with the word of Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project, who outed the fact that the U.S. Government not only knows that UFOs are real, but is one of the primary players in the development of these technologies and in their cover-up from public use. And part of that package is the fact that these craft are powered by free energy technologies that could completely transform the energy production of our planet. But instead, we’re still using internal combustion engines, polluting the planet, and using rockets to propel our space craft (among the public knowledge projects).

Elon Musk gets lauded because he replicated that from the private sector; but not mentioned is the fact that where the black budget projects are today make that look like a plastic soldier versus King Kong – using taxpayer money and drug running money and other black – very- black-budget mechanisms.

Now, with that in mind, check out this correspondence I received yesterday and today from someone who was involved in the development of the infrastructure that today is known as the World Wide Web.

He asked me to keep his name anonymous, but let me just say that if I were to post his profile, you would see that he is easily near the top of the human accomplishments chart. That someone of that stature would be as interested as he is in exotic free energy, should tell you 1) how real this is, 2) how far ahead of the mainstream it is.

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