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Can Cannabis Enhance Our Spirituality?

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Can Cannabis Enhance Our Spirituality - fb

Wes Annac/Wake Up World

You hear about psychedelics often in the ‘spiritual’ community. While most people are brought up to believe they’re harmful and should be avoided, some will tell you that they aren’t harmful at all, and that they’re beneficial for the spiritual seeker who wants to glimpse a higher consciousness.

The question of cannabis and spirituality is interesting. Spiritual pursuit draws in people with all kinds of different beliefs on its use, and some people even turn to spirituality to help them stayaway from drugs. They embrace meditation and other spiritual practices to raise their vibration instead of getting high, and credit their spirituality for their sobriety. But for others, they say that natural psychedelics enhance their sense of spirituality and bring them closer to what every spiritual seeker seeks. Some are passionate about all of the psychedelics out there, others will tell you all about the power of cannabis/THC, psilocybin (magic) mushrooms, LSD, DMT (commonly used in the Ayahuasca brew), or salvia.

Intoxication or Transformation?

You can read hundreds of drug experiences, some powerful and transformative and some decidedly negative, on the popular drug If you decide to check it out, prepare to read some interesting stories…

You could read about someone’s profound spiritual experience on a magic mushroom trip… Or you could read a negative experience from someone who probably won’t be touching psychedelics again any time soon, or you could read about an experience from a kid who just wanted to get messed up on psychedelics and, lo and behold, he did. Sure, the latter experience doesn’t seem spiritually valuable because, for the experiencers, it’s less about transformation and more about intoxication. For some, it can be hard not to want cannabis all the time. But not everyone who’s interested in psychedelics is only interested on a superficial level; some are passionate about using them as a meditative enhancer.

So what potential do these drugs have to initiate spiritual transformation? I’m not an authority on the subject and I don’t have much to say about other psychedelics, because I only have experience with one psychedelic — cannabis — as I can only speak from my own experience. I’ll focus on cannabis for this article, because I consider it partially responsible for my “awakening” and my interest in spirituality.

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