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Are You Being Poisoned by Your Teflon Pan?

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Did you know that nonstick cookware is made with highly reactive and toxic fluoride chemicals that can turn to toxic gas at everyday cooking temperatures?

Although numerous chemicals are used to produce nonstick coatings, all of them are in the family known a perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). These toxins have been linked to a wide array of health problems, including thyroid dysfunction, lowered infant birth weight, liver inflammation, high cholesterol and weakened immune function. They build up in the body and are nearly impossible to flush out or destroy. They have been found in the bodies of nearly every U.S. resident tested.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), PFCs – including those released by your Teflon cookware – exhibit “persistence, bioaccumulation, and toxicity properties to an extraordinary degree.”

Canary in a coal mine

So how exactly do PFCs get from your nonstick pan and into your body? Particularly when, according to DuPont, Teflon is made from a chemical known as PTFE which is biologically inert?

The problem is that at high temperatures, PTFE and other “Teflon chemicals” begin to break down into more toxic byproducts. These chemicals then aerosolize and can be inhaled. It is well established that toxic chemicals produced from heating nonstick pans can kill pet birds (which, like the famed “canary in the coal mine,” have more sensitive lungs than human beings). Inhaling these chemicals can also produce acute poisoning in humans, leading to a cluster of flu-like symptoms known as “Teflon flu.”

Although cookware manufacturers regularly claim that pans need to be heated to extraordinary temperatures to release toxic fumes, tests by the Environmental Working Group showed that it took just two to five minutes for a pan on a regular stove-top to reach these temperatures.

For example, birds have been shown to die when pans are heated to as low as 325 degrees. At 680 degrees, nonstick pans release chemicals shown to cause cancer, kidney damage and even fatal poisoning.

A nonstick pan can reach 750 degrees after being heated for just eight minutes.

Notably, there has been almost no research conducted on the health effects of long-term exposure to Teflon fumes. Nor has there been any followup to look for long-term effects from Teflon flu.

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