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10 Signs You’ve Bought Into ‘Spin’

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10 Signs You’ve Bought ‘Spin’

Christina LaversWake Up World


We live in a world with an incredible imbalance of power. Whether you believe in ‘conspiracies’ or not, there is no doubt that a tiny fraction of the world population has the means to manipulate and sway public opinion in order to maintain a paradigm that promotes and maintains their ability to control and profit off the masses. Common sense would dictate that any group who had the wherewithal to successfully claw their way into a top position would naturally invest heavily in ensuring their interests were protected. As increasing corruption is exposed in so many areas of society, we would be naive to think collusion wasn’t happening at the highest levels as well.

For instance… Recently a German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, came forward to expose how he and, according to his claims, many other journalists were coerced into not only slanting their stories in order to sway public opinion, but to sign their own names to articles that were written by CIA staff as a means to garner support for war. (see video.)

A retired U.S. Army Colonel, Lawrence Wilkerson, who worked as national security advisor to the Reagan administration and both Bush administrations, recently shared about what he perceives as the corruption inside the establishment and how corporate interests are driving foreign policy. (see video.)

Another respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson, came forward recently in a TED Talk to demonstrate how ‘astroturfing’, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and warp media messages. (see video.)

The more we look into it, the clearer it becomes that mainstream wisdom is not as benign, logical, sound or reasonable as it initially appears. Propaganda today is so highly sophisticated, outrageously pervasive, and incredibly subtle and cunning, that it can be difficult not to fall prey to its influences.

But, when we make a conscious decision to stop relinquishing our power to those who want to use it against us, we cease being pawns in the old paradigm game and step into autonomous, self-directed, empowering roles. The key is being aware of where we place our attention and focus. Do we place it on the many low frequency distractions that dance hypnotically around us, or do we consciously focus on raising our frequency and nurturing that which we want to see flourish?

Here are some beliefs that you may hold that would suggest you might not have been discerning enough in your evaluation of mainstream information.

10 Signs You’ve Bought ‘Spin’

You eat fast/processed food.

If processed food is still a significant part of your diet you have likely allowed yourself to be swayed by propaganda. Millions of dollars annually is poured into commercials and lab designed flavouring that make this chemically laden, nutritionally vapid, low frequency food seem appealing. Some might argue that while they know processed food isn’t good for them, it is the convenience that keeps them coming back. ‘Convenience’ is one of the favourite angles that the promoters of processed foods like to push. However, like most of what they sell, this is in reality just more spin. With a little research we can uncover a plethora of delicious and easy meals and snacks using healthy whole foods. (Learn more about the health impacts of processed foods here.)

You think that mainstream media news is a reliable news source.

With a handful of individuals owning the majority of mainstream news outlets it is not really surprising that the quality of mainstream news leaves a lot to be desired. As mentioned above there is increasing evidence that most news sources are corrupt and rather than being objective, are used as means to manipulate public opinion according to the wishes of society’s most powerful. Explore beyond the mainstream and learn to listen to your inner knowing to help you navigate through the choppy waters of information. (For more information, please see: Digital Deception – Can You Trust What You See?)

10 Signs You’ve Bought ‘Spin’ - Mainstream news propaganda

You covet designer items.

If you dream of owning designer items you have likely been duped by powerful advertising that has leached out of the commercial realm into ‘society’ pages and celebrity gossip. While there are some high quality products, with impeccable craftsmanship that warrant big price tags, a lot of designer items are really just average quality, sweat shop produced products, with a brand slapped onto them. Many of these products would hardly move off the shelves if they didn’t have massive advertising dollars behind them creating the allure of desirability. Look for unique quality items that have been made with love and awareness instead.

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