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Upsides and Downsides to the Use of the Cannabis Plant

Published on January 11, 2016 by   ·   1 Comment

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I’d like to introduce The Cannabis Writings, a new writing series for the Culture of Awareness 

Here, we’ll discuss all things cannabis. From the upsides and downsides to the spiritual uses, the medicinal benefits and the laws surrounding the plant, I’d like to explore it from every angle possible and share the knowledge with all of you.

We’re entering an era where this plant will no longer be demonized, but respected for what it has to offer society.

People are finally considering with an open mind the benefits this plant poses for humanity, and stereotypes are slowly being replaced with an understanding of why it’s used and, more importantly for society, how it can be used in different ways; medicinally, industrially, etc.

Cannabis doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of getting high, and it has an array of uses that, if utilized, could improve the quality of life for everyone. People are realizing that there’s more to this plant than meets the eye, and in this series, we’ll explore it all.

I think cannabis is an important plant for our society, and like other sacred plant teachers, it’s here to help us evolve. It can bring meditation to a whole new level if we use it for this purpose, or, it can enhance creativity and make the creative process more of a spiritual experience.

There are plenty of examples of people who use cannabis to enhance their creativity, and for some, it provides a gateway to a higher consciousness. Depending on how and why it’s used, it can also distance us from the Most High.

Intention is important when it comes to anything powerful like cannabis, and while it helps some people who were ‘asleep’ to break the barrier and awaken to their multidimensional Self, it strengthens the barrier if it’s only used to get intoxicated or numb the emotions.

It can hinder spirituality if it’s used to escape life, and it all comes down to the user’s intention.

The way we see the plant is also important. Some see it as a benign euphoric drug that can be used to relax or get away from life’s stresses, and while there’s nothing wrong with using it this way, it’s more powerful than most people think.

Some are in the middle when it comes to cannabis; they don’t think it’s dangerous, but they don’t think it’s a savior either. They see bias on both sides of the argument, and they prefer to explore the plant’s potential benefits without jumping to conclusions.

They’d rather learn a little about it than form an immediate opinion, and they could very well be the best source of accurate, unbiased information on it.

Not everyone supports cannabis or thinks it’s harmless, and that’s okay. I get mixed responses from the spiritual community when I post about it; many support it but a fair number of people believe it’s harmful and its use shouldn’t be encouraged.

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  1. Chad Prier Chad Prier says:

    Upside: Feeling great
    Downside: Munchies? If that is a downside.

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