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New ‘Eternal Youth’ Hormone Discovered By Scientists

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Eternal youth hormone discovered by scientists


Scientists say they have the “holy grail” of research in their hands after discovering a new eternal youth hormone that extends lifespan by 40 per cent. 

The scientists at the Yale School of Medicine say the new hormone, known as FGF21, is produced by the thymus gland and it primary purpose is to protect the immune system against ageing. reports:

Researchers said the study could have implications in the future for improving immune function in the elderly, for obesity, and for diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.

When it is functioning normally, the thymus produces new T cells for the immune system.

But with age, the gland becomes fatty and loses its ability to produce the vital cells.

This loss of new T cells in the body is one cause of increased risk of infections and certain cancers in the elderly.

Researchers led by Vishwa Deep Dixit, professor of comparative medicine and immunobiology at Yale, studied transgenic mice with elevated levels of FGF21.

They blocked the gene’s function, before studying the impact of decreasing levels of FGF21 on the immune system.

Their results showed that increasing the level of FGF21 in old mice protected the thymus from age-related fatty degeneration and increased the ability of the thymus to produce new T cells.

Meanwhile, FGF21 deficiency accelerated the degeneration of the thymus in old mice.

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