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Executive Order Allows Doctors To Declare Activists ‘Mentally Ill’

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New Obama executive order allows Doctors to declare activists as 'mentally ill'


The White Houses’s new executive order on gun control will allow doctors to report activists as being ‘mentally ill’ to authorities in order to have their guns confiscated. 

The new rules allow doctors and health providers to do background checks on people without legal repercussions.

The disclosure is restricted to limited demographic and certain other information needed for NICS purposes,” the rule states. reports:

Naturally, Obama sycophants and the clapping seals who approve of everything he does just because he is the one doing them see nothing wrong with this massive potential for abuse.

“The administration has taken great pain to try to clarify that there is very limited information that would be reported only within a very limited group,” Paul Gionfriddo, chief executive of the mental health rights advocate Mental Health America, told the extremely biased news site.

And what would a “very limited group” look like to a president who has spent his entire tenure fixated on finding ways to get more guns out of more American hands?

We actually know the answer to that question, and frankly, that “limited group” is quite broad.

— Anyone conservative and a supporter of smaller, less intrusive government was deemed more dangerous by the Department of Homeland Security, in some cases, than Islamic terrorism, according to a February report.

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