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Blind Woman Can See Again With Latest Bionic Eye Implant

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A blind woman from Cardiff in south Wales has been able to see again for the first time in more than five years thanks to a ‘bionic eye.’

She was able to spot the time on a clock after having her sight partially restored with an advanced electronic ‘bionic eye’ implant.

The Sunday Herald Scotland reports:

The mother of two, from Cardiff, has suffered from retinitis pigmentosa – an inherited disorder – since she was five.

The condition causes gradual deterioration of the light-detecting cells (photoreceptors) in the retina, which can lead to blindness..

One in 3,000 to 4,000 people in the UK have the disease, for which there is currently no cure.

Mrs Lewis is completely blind in her right eye and has virtually no vision in her left eye.

The implant, made by German firm Retina Implant AG, was placed in Mrs Lewis’ eye in June in an operation that can last six to eight hours.bionic eye

During follow-up tests, Mrs Lewis was asked to look closely at a large cardboard clock to see if she could tell the time correctly. She had not been able to tell the time with her right eye in 16 years and for about six years with her left eye. She saw the time was three o’ clock.

She said “oh my god” When She realised she had managed to tell that the time was three o’clock.

She said: “Honest to God, that felt like Christmas Day.”

Later she saw sunshine on a silver car near the cloisters of New College, Oxford, when walking with a social services worker who had asked her to point out any features.

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