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800-Year-Old ‘Alien’ Cell Phone Found In Austria

Published on January 2, 2016 by   ·   7 Comments

800-year-old cell phone belonging to aliens found in Austria


Archaeologists in Austria have claimed that they have discovered an 800-year-old cell phone of alien origin

The object has cuneiform writing engraved on the keys and look eerily like an old Nokia phone. UFO enthusiasts have claimed that the object proves that aliens once visited the Earth with superior technology, or that time travel does exist. reports:

Conspiracy website reported: ‘According to reports, during archaeological excavations at Fuschl am See, (in Salzburg), Austria, researchers unearthed a mysterious artefact from the thirteenth century with cuneiform writing that strangely resembles a cell phone.

‘This type of writing is typically found in modern-day Iran or Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia).

‘What a device like this with Cuneiform writing is doing in Austria is something that no one is able to fully understand or explain.

‘Regrettably the information about this ‘sensational’ discovery is limited.’

‘We cannot explain what it is, whether it is real or not, but it has caught our attention and we would love to know more about it.

The lack of information online, and the fact that any object with ancient cuneiform script could end up in Austria, has caused hardened conspiracy theorists to doubt the discovery.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Gino Lomeli Gino Lomeli says:

    All the alien technology and this “alien” communicator looks like a 1990′s Nokia?

  2. I wonder what would happen if you dialed 911? XD

  3. Jacob Loehne Jacob Loehne says:

    This makes me want to unfollow!!!!

  4. Looks like a Nokia…

  5. Ya the fact that it looks like an old nokia just makes this story look even more fake and dumb

  6. With internet service .

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