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The DUMB Aspects Of Smart Meters

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Catherine J. Frompovich

Utility companies are having a heyday installing electric, natural gas and water AMI Smart Meters, which probably will help many of them—electric power companies, in particular—avoid building new power plants: they can brown-out high demand days or interrupt individual home usage if consumers use more power than utilities think we should—in addition to running up customer tabs for new Smart Meters every several years.

Recently, PASMA (Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness) issued two Press Releases days apart, which I think all utility consumers, regardless of where they live, ought to know about since the information deals with the probable unknown monetary side of Smart Meters, as discussed in “Consumers to Pay ‘Through the Nose’ for Smart Meters Every 6 to 7 Years,” and the very scary issue of infrastructure security risks from hackers that Smart Meters pose, as laid out in “Smart Meters Are A Security Risk to the Nation’s Power Supply,” which tells how a member of the U.S. Congress, who is an electrician, is calling for new and greater scrutiny of Smart Meters “to examine whether they compromise the Nation’s energy infrastructure.”

Below are both Press Releases, which PASMA has granted permission to reproduce.


Analog (mechanical) electric meters, in service for decades—close to a hundred years, typically lasted between 30 and 40 years before they had to be replaced, plus they were totally safe with no plastic parts that can ignite easily from “hot sockets” or arcing, and they were “grounded”.

AMI Smart Meters, which are being retrofitted on to electric, natural gas and water meters, will have to be replaced anywhere from every 6 to 7 years (according to a utility company executive at a congressional hearing in October 2015), with consumers obviously, and unknowingly, being billed and forced to pay for new replacement meters each time one is installed at their dwelling.

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