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Recent Study Finds Marijuana is Much Safer Than Alcohol or Tobacco

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Steven Maxwell

With the battle for the legalization of marijuana being considered one of the more prevalent issues in today’s society, it is upon scientists and researchers to now look deeper into the chemical makeup ofmarijuana and indicate whether smoking marijuana yields less dangerous side effects than consuming alcohol.

In this article by NBC, marijuana is grouped first among nine other drugs including heroin and hallucinogens and was considered the safest by a landslide. Then, when compared to alcohol and tobacco, marijuana was considered “by far…the safest, even when compared to alcohol and cigarettes.”


The article then follows to discuss the long-term effects of both recreational and chronic use of marijuana as compared to alcohol and tobacco. The findings showed that chronic tobacco and alcohol consumption led to serious intestinal problems and cancer, while chronic marijuana use was loosely linked to some lung problems and early onset psychosis. The only threat that chronic marijuana usage poses is developmental issues in young adolescents.

If marijuana were to be considered legal, it would likely be regulated by the ATF, just like alcohol and tobacco, and these factors would be taken into consideration when determining what the legal consumption age would be, dosages available, and so forth.

The US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health have provided details and statistics regarding “illicit” drug usage. For more information about the statistics and scientific reasoning behind the findings listed in this article, see here for more information.

See the simple meme below for the common-sense comparison of marijuana versus alcohol:


Keeping to the topic of regulation, the thought of legalizing marijuana becomes a little less intimidating to some, but not all. April M. Short posted an article on that recounted the impression that a commercial about marijuana shown during a NASCAR race left on its viewers. Essentially, the commercial advocated that marijuana was a safer and more health-conscious alternative to drinking beer, with beer drinkers being one of NASCAR’s targeted audiences.

The goal was to show marijuana in a more positive, appealing light, but it was quickly pulled due to negative responses by the viewers. The MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) stated that its intentions were good and that their goal is “to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and replace fiction with facts about marijuana use.”

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