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Media Refusing to Cover Police & Witness Accounts of “3 White Male Shooters” in San Bernardino

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San Bernardino, CA — On the night of December 2, after the tragic shootings at the Inland Regional Medical Center, CBS Evening News interviewed a witness to the shooting.

The interview, which took place live and over the phone, has not been covered by any other mainstream outlet despite the vastly different details provided which completely contradict the subsequent ‘official’ narrative, while backing up several other eyewitness accounts.

Witness Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the Inland Regional Center, and witnessed the shooting, spoke to CBS correspondent Scott Pelley.

During this interview, Pelley would ask Abdelmageed to describe the shooters in detail. Abdelmageed replied that the shooters were three tall athletic white men.

Below is the transcribed conversation from last week’s interview.

Scott Pelley: One of the witnesses today is Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the Inland Regional Center, the building where the attack took place. She saw the attackers enter the building and we spoke to her by phone.

Sally Abdelmageed: I heard umm shots fired and it was you know from an automatic weapon so you know it was very unusual… why, you know why would we hear shots? As we look out the window a second set of shots goes off, and its just pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop and we saw a man fall to the floor.

Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black military attire with vests on they were holding assault rifles and they (breathes) as soon as they opened the door to building three and one of them opened up the door to building three, he started to spray shoot, you know shoot all over into the room, that’s the room that we typically have conferences in, and we just heard more gunshots go off. I got my phone. I reached for my phone. I called 9-1-1 and I just hid under my desk. I didn’t see anymore, I just heard more gunshots go off as I was talking to the dispatch. We went into my manager’s office, locked the door, barricaded it. We heard running and things happening upstairs. About 30 minutes later someone came to the door, knocked on the door. But we didn’t obviously answer. Then another 60 minutes later someone came and took us into a secure room.

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