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Marijuana Use Could Prevent Weight gain, study shows

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While it’s not unusual for marijuana users to engage in food binges during or after smoking, a new study has surfaced showing that such behaviors don’t negatively impact their waistlines. One might think that marijuana users would be obese due to all the food consumption they’re said to indulge in, however, researchers from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers have reason to suggest that it’s not necessarily true.(1)

The experts studied over 700 adults aged between 18 and 74, based on a Nunavik Inuit Health Survey, and found that, compared to people who didn’t smoke marijuana, the marijuana smokers had lower body mass index (BMI) scores (26.8 versus 28.6, respectively). It was noted that those with the lowest BMI scores were marijuana users who hadn’t previously tried or quit tobacco, which may or may not play a role in the outcomes. Furthermore, they also discovered that those who smoked pot had a reduced risk of developing diabetes, exhibiting lower fasting insulin and insulin resistance.(2)

The study, titled “Cannabis use in relation to obesity and insulin resistance in the inuit population,” was published in the journal Obesity. With a goal “To ascertain the relationship between cannabis use, obesity, and insulin resistance,” the study abstract concludes that “Cannabis use was associated with lower BMI, and such an association did not occur through the glucose metabolic process or related inflammatory markers.”(3)

Not the first time marijuana use shown to have multiple benefits

According to the researchers, “These associations were attenuated among those who reported using marijuana at least once but not in the past 30 days, suggesting that the impact of marijuana use on insulin and insulin resistance exists during periods of recent use.”(1)

This isn’t the first time that marijuana use has been linked with positive health results; in 2013, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine outlined that people who smoked marijuana had lower insulin levels than those who didn’t, but only if they did so during the past month. As for weight, study participants were found to have smaller waist measurements than those who did not smoke marijuana.(1)

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