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Is Coffee Good for You? Study Shows How the Type You Drink Affects Your Brain

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Alexa Erickson/Collective Evolution

Dear coffee: I love you. I have since the tender age of 15, and I’ve never once doubted your abilities to make my mornings more complete. I love you so much I drink you black. But are you good for me? Do I actually have a sane and salvageable relationship with you?

I’m not the type of person to gulp down gallons of coffee throughout the day. I stick to one or two cups and drink them ever so slowly — indulging in each sip’s robust depth of flavors. And while I enjoy my morning cup of goodness, it seems I can’t get through a week without overhearing someone declare that they’re finally giving up coffee for good.

Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You?

Coffee is a big deal in America. In fact, at least 68 million Americans consume three cups of coffee each day, while about 30 million take down five or more every single day, and more than 21 million Americans drink six or more every day. And while I’m over here barely getting through my first cup, I can understand why some might feel their affection for the caffeinated beverage has gone too far. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to four cups of brewed coffee a day seems to be acceptable in healthy adults, which leaves quite a few sippers exposed to potential side effects like insomnia, irritability, restlessness, muscle tremors, and nervousness from the over-consumption of caffeine. And while caffeine itself is only found to be mildly addictive with no direct connection to serious health concerns, the acid found in coffee can cause an upset stomach, as well as worsen ulcers, heighten blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and speed up the heart rate.

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