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Is All That We See Really What’s Going On?

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Catherine J. Frompovich

As 2015 winds down to ebb away into sanitized history books, we probably are looking anxiously toward 2016 for what the coming year portends globally. However, shouldn’t we do a reality check and remind ourselves that how we perceive what’s going on in the world around us and how it’s portrayed for us by governments and the media actually may be at realistic odds and far from factual?

The above cartoon is admirable insofar as it is trying to tell something we need to re-evaluate, in my opinion. Nonetheless, that just may not be what’s really going on, e.g., Mother Nature wreaking havoc upon us mortals and contrasting her weather violence with the unimaginable actions of zealots who believe in causes so resolutely, even to committing calculated suicide missions.

Personally, I think there are some differences between the two crises illustrated. For the first difference, I’d like to suggest that both crises result from HUMAN actions. Admittedly, we see the aftermath of terrorists’ actions on the nightly news; the gun battles; drone sorties; plus the foreign intrigue that accompanies infiltration into homelands and young, apparently delusional minds.

The second difference is what we don’t see on the nightly news or in the weather forecasters’ prognostications. They never talk about weather geoengineering taking place on a global scale or explain weather systems that they see on their radar as anomalies. What’s going on affecting Mother Nature really is “weather geoengineering” that is enabled by scientifically-sanctioned aerial spray jobs colloquially known as “chemtrails.”

Apparently, those who perpetrate and pay for such deliberate weather crises think we mortals know that no one can control the weather. Ha! Think again, since the U.S. Air Force has a special task it set for itself: To Own the Weather by 2025. See this to realize that if readers aren’t aware of what they are doing to effectuate such “ownership,” boy! do you need to be brought up to date, as they say.

The first thing to do to bring yourself up to date is to look at the sky and see all that “sky painting” and “trails” being laid down by specially-fitted airtankers to release all sorts of chemicals and biologicals to effectuate weather change.

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