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7 Things Ridiculed By Conventional Science – But Which Are Said To Be True

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7 Things Ridiculed by Conventional Science FB

Paul A Philips/Wake Up World

Science is great for distinguishing fact from pure fiction. However, certain scientists indoctrinated into the various hierarchical trees of academia or research and development have the habit of turning a number of scientific principles, theories and tenets into ‘indisputable facts’ — in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Some of these ‘indisputable facts’ have had some serious challenges from outstanding scientists with their outside-the-box thinking. Bringing us new ways of looking into things they have had a tough time having been met with ridicule or invalidation from the scientific establishment and its conventional science.

Don’t get me wrong, indeed there have been and still are many crackpot ideas. However, having said that, here are 7 things ridiculed by conventional science but which are said to be true.

1. Junk DNA

According to one study it has been found that we use around 8% of our DNA (previously it was thought to be 3-5%). Thus, science spends its time looking at this 8% subset, how it encodes for proteins involved in body construction… while the rest is described as ‘junk DNA.’

However, a number of Russian researchers begged to differ with the junk DNA viewpoint, believing that nature wouldn’t be so wasteful: In biology almost every structure exists to perform a function and junk DNA should be no exception.

So the researchers set out to investigate whether or not the junk DNA was doing anything and they came up with some very interesting results. These experimental findings by Dr. Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues can be briefly summarized.

  1. DNA sequencing follows the same basic rules and principles used in language formation (syntax, grammar, words and sentences…) Thus, it is not inconceivable that DNA sequencing and the‘language of genes’ acts as a blueprint for speech development.

These findings offer an explanation as to how humans all over the world are able to develop complex language applying the same basic principles. It’s because of the arranging/rearranging of our DNA the underlying software programme for language formation.

  1. Garjajevand his Russian colleagues also found that not only is language a reflection of our DNA but the reverse occurs: DNA can be affected by language. Healing intentions,affirmations, hypnotherapy and inspirational talk etc. can all have the affect of altering our DNA. This supports the age-old tradition of wisdom that words don’t just label things; they also create our reality…
  2. Words are not the only vibrations that reprogram our DNA. Other sound frequencies such as radio waves and then there’s laser light or light visualizations can also affect our bodies and behaviour through altering the DNA. For example, Garjajevand his Russian colleagues discovered that vibrational reprogramming can be used for DNA repair

These groundbreaking amazing experiments with world-changing implications show that language, sound and light frequencies have a far more powerful influence on our DNA than was ever imagined.

Indeed, junk DNA is not the junk it has been made out to be. For more information on this fascinating subject go here.

2. Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Technology

Another one ridiculed by conventional science is the idea of the availability and practical use of free energy. Taking the case of hidden knowledge related to Nazi anti-gravity flying saucer technology the practical use of free energy does exist.

The Nazi’s had developed antigravity flying saucer technology during World War 2. It has been said that a secret base was made in the Antarctic which housed the flying saucers. Then in the latter part of 1945 these super weapons moved to another military base the Schwarze Sonne – Black Sun on the dark side of the moon.

Using the saucers on dark side of the moon when the time was right an Earth invasion was planned but didn’t materialize. During the wartime a number of eyewitness accounts in London, New York and Prague reported these strange looking bell-shaped flying objects having the German military iron cross insignia… travelling at very high speeds.

An engineer named Joseph Andreas Epp claimed he had been involved in the development of the technology during the wartime and that the Schriever-Habermohl project involved some 15 different prototypes.

What happened to this technology in the years after WW2?

3. Consciousness

Going back for hundreds of years now, without any proof, conventional science still attaches itself to the firm dogmatic belief that consciousness is a mere illusion, claiming that it’s nothing more than activity in our brains.

However, this ‘biochemical robot’ reductionist theory used to dismiss consciousness is slowly crumbling. Other explanations in support of consciousness have come into being. For example, the excellent work of William Tiller shows that conscious intention can manifest a particular intended outcome. He explains that the energy needed for manifesting an intended outcome can be obtained by tapping into the infinite energy found in the vacuum which, in turn, affects the quantum reality. The quantum reality is the bridge between the pure vacuum energy and the outcome reflected in the material world.

The work of physicists Kip Thorne, John Archibald and Charles Misner has supported Tiller’s findings, while Jill Balte Taylor has also shared her fascinating insights into the study of consciousness.

Consciousness has far reaching implications and is the key to world change that we as the collective human race can use for planetary transformation.

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