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New Wave of Police Taking Valuables From Unlocked Cars to Teach Lesson

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police taking valuables

Amanda Warren

Connecticut news stations are reporting that “police will now be going into to cars and removing items that would attract thieves.”

Oftentimes, a person will by accident hit the button to unlock the doors or accidentally release the trunk. Oftentimes, the person will return only to have their faith in humanity restored when they see their valuables are still there. Not with the East Rock police in New Haven – now residents will be punished for their forgetfulness.

New Haven police stated intentions to “send a strong message” and by removing the valuables are “forcing residents to make a trip to the police station to pick up belongings.”

Officers “will take them to keep them safe from would-be burglars” Ironically, the way they are keeping the item “safe” is by burgling.

Obviously, this brings up clear 4th amendment violations. However, Connecticut claims a loophole under state law that allows law enforcement to take valuables in plain sight without a search warrant and with the intention of safe keeping.

One wonders if “lessons” aren’t learned by people who leave car doors unlocked – and get their stuff stolen. Not that they deserve to have their items taken by criminals or police.

What the news and police aren’t telling you about the break-ins

When you hear about car break-ins from your friends and around town – what usually happened? A window was smashed in. A lock was busted.

While police claim that there were eight car break-ins in one neighborhood and that they now must teach people this lesson for their own good – could it really be that so many people in one neighborhood simply left their car doors unlocked? Could it be that word didn’t get around about the break-ins and people in New Haven obliviously kept their doors unlocked as though they lived inMayberry?

The police and the news are conspicuously leaving out the nature of the vehicle break-ins.

Secondly, if police are able to grab the valuables then it means the valuables were not being grabbed by crooks just yet. Is this really crime prevention or is it just beating criminals to the punch?

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