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Is ISIS Now The Lifeline Of The New World Order?

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Bernie Suarez

Just in case there are people out there still wondering whether the latest shooting event in Paris is another staged event or not, this article is for you. As I see it, ultimately our goal should be to pursue what is true and to process that truth in a way that allows you to continue thriving as a human being. In order to do that, you must know how to block the damaging effects mainstream media and government lies can have on your mind and your life. Therefore, let’s walk through a sound and simple blueprint for how to organize your thought process when hearing of yet another mass shooting event, like the one in Paris. The following steps incorporate sound knowledge and wisdom and will allow you to remain focused on solutions needed in our world today. What better way to fight back against the controllers?

First, realize that the latest shooting in Paris fits perfectly into the new world order plans like hand in glove. The same plans we’re all trying hard to stop. The attack stinks of the new world order and as usual has their fingerprints all over it. Realize that as soon as they suggested that the attackers claimed they were killing “for ISIS”, given what we all know about ISIS, this constitutes 100% proof that the CIA and the West was involved because they are the ones who created, trained, funded and run ISIS. Realize that exposing and destroying ISIS is exactly synonymous with destroying and exposing the new world order, which is why ISIS will never die. Yes, ISIS is now the lifeline of the new world order!

CIA’s ISIS is now the driving force of the new world order and no one should be surprised that as soon as U.S. special forces “advisers” were sent to Syria and the CIA’s counter strategy against Russia began recently, now we have this attack. It is also no coincidence that just a few weeks ago a Panel co-hosted by CIA and George Washington University consisting of CIA director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Head of ‘French Directorate for External Security’ Bernard Bajolet and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror all coincidentally met to discuss the future of global security in light of terrorism and extremism.

Where else have we heard this theme before? It was just at the end of September when U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at the U.N. about a new “Strong Cities Network” being ushered in where cities are pulling together (Agenda 2030 style) in a cooperative platform to focus on the need for, among other things, a global security effort to “combat extremism.” The U.S. Department of Justice’s own website states regarding the Strong Cities Network:

“To counter violent extremism we need determined action at all levels of governance,” said Governing Mayor Stian Berger Røsland of Oslo while commenting on their participation in the SCN.  “To succeed, we must coordinate our efforts and cooperate across borders.  The Strong Cities Network will enable cities across the globe pool our resources, knowledge and best practices together and thus leave us standing stronger in the fight against one of the greatest threats to modern society.”

So as you can see, one cannot look at the recent Paris attacks as an isolated event from a “terror” group acting independently. Nothing can be further from the truth. Instead, realize that from the very beginning CIA’s ISIS was portrayed as a super-mobile terror group in addition to being a god-like, invisible killing machine with super-human capabilities able to disrupt every nation on the planet, produce endless supply of resources including food, water, supplies, rounds, tanks, guns etc., and seemingly able to simultaneously take on fighting armies from almost every major country on the planet … while winning!

I believe the main purpose that the West created ISIS for was to introduce a GLOBAL killing machine requiring a permanent GLOBAL police effort and thus lay out the groundwork for the “policemen” of the new world order. Problem-Reaction-Solution. ISIS solution = global police via a sustainable Strong Cities Network. This is all part of the now clear blueprint for the new world order. The world is now wide awake to the primary purpose behind the creation of ISIS and hopefully we will all come together to find new solutions for countering this global police strategy.

Paris Shooting Oddities

Now that we’ve exposed the primary purpose behind the Paris shooting false flag, let’s explore more arguments to convince ourselves why we shouldn’t have any doubts that this is another false flag.

Who benefited?

And it shouldn’t shock anyone that the timing of this event coincides perfectly with the extremely controversial up and coming U.N. Climate Change event in Paris starting November 30. Incidentally, the event was expected to draw many angry protesters who are rejecting the new world order. Conveniently, this event now allows them to tighten the security and they will likely disallow protests and/or crack down on it much more violently in the name of “security.”

Fact is, the latest Paris attack is a gift for those pushing for a global order because it ONLY benefits the globalists and no one else. We’ve seen this pattern repeatedly. The Western oligarchs and architects of the new world order always forget that observing who benefits is the simplest thing any person can do to trace who is behind an event. And every time we do this, amazingly the trail ALWAYS leads back to the West and its allies.

Usual impulsive Obama speech

As usual, the recent Paris attacks were the kind of event that prompted Obama to immediately offer his comments, opinions and solutions, which as always pointed to the need for more power for government and less freedom for you and me.

Police forces thousands of miles away react to false flag by “beefing up” their security

The amazing thing about this new brand of state-sponsored terrorism, as they push for their global police, is that now an isolated attack in Paris can somehow directly affect the behavior of police departments on the other side of the world! This is the crux of the agenda behind the emerging global police force. The reasoning goes something like this:

“If police in Sydney are worried about a threat, then we should ALL worry equally because terrorism is a global problem. So we better beef up our security here in Chicago.”


“Gee, there was a shooting in Atlanta, therefore police in London better get ready to lockdown everyone because you never know.”

Are you getting the picture of how this works? And again, as already mentioned, this was the reason from the start that ISIS was portrayed as a super-mobile indestructible terror group. Yes, ISIS was portrayed as invincible, but all along their mobility was the catch to all of this.


As you can see, the latest Paris shooting offers many benefits and rewards for the new world order, while it offers no rewards for anyone else on the planet INCLUDING ISIS themselves. After you read this article hopefully those who are still not fully aware of the new world order plans will begin to see why being mentally free from mainstream media propaganda staged news is the best way to enjoy life. And that is why I want to focus on a few techniques for restoring your mental vibration and perspective back to pre-Paris shooting levels (for example).

Above and beyond everything we’ve talked about up to now, I want to suggest a blueprint for keeping your mind clear of the damaging effects of mainstream media news especially false flag terror events. I wrote about this blueprint on October 24, 2014. Back then, I referred to it as 3 simple things you can do to block the damaging effects of mainstream media news in your life. And today I want to revisit these 3 simple things because it beats burning yourself out trying to figure out every detail of this latest event. I actually applied this technique last night and it quickly and easily allowed me to arrive at an answer with respect to this event. I want to encourage everyone to structure their thoughts similarly because doing so will save you a lot of stress and worry, and will help you stay happy, stress-free and focused during any future false flag.

So instead of wallowing in the latest “terrorist” shooting fear porn intended to empower the new world order terrorists, you should continue about your business realizing nothing new has happened since 9/11/01. The globalist terrorists who have created, funded and armed every terror group we can think over the past half a decade, attacked us on 9/11 and have been attacking us ever since with Operation Northwoods-Gladio-style attacks. Nothing has changed since 9/11 because the 9/11 perpetrators got away with the crime. Anyone awakened already knows this. For those not awakened please note these attacks will continue until humanity wakes up to the reality of the new world order, and starts holding accountable the true perpetrators, like the oligarchs who are funding it, the U.S. military’s enforcement role in this plan, the role of Intelligence and the role of U.S. NATO partners, all of which are playing a huge role in the grand chessboard for domination of the world.

So here’s my 3-step process again, which acts as a nice blueprint for how to approach “Breaking News” stories which are all designed to strengthen the grip the controllers have on you and me as they march toward their world order.

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  1. carolina says:

    and america’s lost church ladies are helping them to assimilate. i see it even in our small resort town in northern new mexico. van loads being dropped off in the dead of the night. mercedes church vans. protestant texan girls. with my own eyes. caught them red handed.

  2. carolina says:

    this is not limited to texan baptists. they even have hindu temples helping out. alternative believers my arse.

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