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How GMO Foods Turn Your Intestines Into an Insecticide Factory

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How GMO Foods Turn Your Intestines into an Insecticide Factory

Marie BeWake Up World

The rise of GMOs in our food suppliesraises a variety of issues, fromenvironmental degradation to nutrient depletion, dependency on toxic agro-chemicals and government corruption — many topics with lots of well sourced information. Often falling into the cracks is the effect of GM foods on intestinal health. Why does it matter? Because intestinal health is directly linked to genetics, immunity and our overall health and well-being.

The History of GMOs

The GMO revolution was fueled by oil subsidies, government corruption and university funding (1). GMOs were engineered after WW2, based on a surplus military product. There was extra bomb making material that was found to work as fertilizer, so the synthetic fertilizer industry was created. There was excess nerve gas that could be used as an insecticide, and the insecticidal industry was created.

The primary reason GM crops are engineered is to allow them to drink poison (pesticides), and survive. They are inserted with foreign genes that allow them to what would otherwise be deadly doses of poisonous herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. These crops can be sprayed at extremely high doses, killing everything around them but leaving the crop intact. (2)

But it is not simply the poison in which they are coated that adversely effects on human health, it is also the essence of the modified genes themselves.

A GMO study was performed on rats(Notably, no long-term GMO feeding study has ever been conducted on humans. ~ Editor) The first group was fed GM food, the second organic food, and the third group was fed organic food with the same pesticides that were sprayed on the GM foods. The results were startling: only the group eating the GM foods got sick. The third group would potentially develop health issues related to increased toxicity, but in the short term it was eating the GM foods proved to be fatal. (1) Why is that?

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