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Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is WRONG

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Is the information presented to us in history textbooks really true? The short answer to that is, not really. I think it would be difficult to deny that the telling of history is a subjective endeavour. Much as we would like to think otherwise, life does not naturally follow a narrative; humans craft them according to their own perception of events and the world around them. And our collective story about Thanksgiving is just one example of this subjectivity in action.

Just as the video below points out, our understanding of history — much of which is embedded into various curriculums throughout North America — is corrupted by lies, half truths, and propaganda. As the saying goes, history is written by the victors. But many of us, particularly children going through the education system, are woefully ignorant of this truth.

The first point brought up relates to Native Americans. We may have learned about some of their cultural practices in school, but what hasn’t been taught is the fact that, upon European arrival, our world witnessed one of the biggest genocides in history. We published an article about this a couple of months ago titled “What Really Happened When Columbus ‘Discovered’ America: A Real History Lesson.”

The video also reveals that turkey really had nothing to do with Thanksgiving, which is really a tragedy considering more than 45 million of these beautiful birds are killed every single year just for this holiday. When not forced to live on filthy factory farms, turkeys spend their days caring for their young, building nests, foraging for food, taking dust baths, and preening themselves. Unfortunately, today they are regarded by many as a holiday centrepiece, despite the fact that they have wonderful and distinct personalities, just as dogs and cats do.

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  1. It’s the one day out of the year I don’t have eat a fucking TV dinner I don’t want hear about it

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