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What I’ve Learned as a Freemason and Why I Left the Order (Good Read)

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Freemasons' Hall 1927: London art deco


I joined Freemasonry out of a deep-seated yearning for truth and mystery. That yearning is something some people are just born with and others aren’t. Personally, I had a hunch that the allegories of Freemasonry were based on ancient astrolatry, not to be confused with astrology[1]. In other words, the allegories of Freemasonry are a play on the ancient mysteries about light (the sun) overcoming darkness.[2] I couldn’t just read and wonder about it, though. I wanted to confirm it for myself by becoming a Freemason. After years of studying it and becoming a 32° Mason, I’m comfortable asserting that to be true and feel that I’ve confirmed my hunch.

What I’ve learned.

There are allegories embedded within the religions of the world and Freemasonry describes them. [3] These allegories describe scientific truths and philosophic concepts and don’t fall within the realm of occult pseudoscience or superstition. The craft of Freemasonry is, therefore, a historical and scientific inference rather than a cult or religion. This is why Freemasonry asserts that it’s a “progressive science” and accepts people of all religions while claiming that it is not a religion itself.

Is there a conspiracy?

A handful of misconceptions, scandals, and hoaxes have made people suspicious of Freemasonry. Consequently, a lot of conspiracy theories have grown around that suspicion. From everything I’ve witnessed as a Freemason, there is no grand conspiracy, though. The whole notion that the so-called “Illuminati” or Freemasons are behind everything is absurd and intellectually lazy. Life isn’t that simple and corruption of the heart and mind aren’t exclusive to any one institution but are simply a part of humanity. Freemasonry is just a fraternity and it’s best suited for nerds, not evil doers. If you’re looking for evil doers, investigate the misconduct of corporations and the military-industrial complex.

Are there any secrets?

Hundreds of years ago, Freemasonry was secretive out of a necessity to avoid persecution and therefore, contained secrets relative to its potential persecution. In today’s world, Freemasonry doesn’t really have any secrets. There are some things you won’t find online, but there aren’t any real secrets. In fact, I believe Morals & Dogma by Albert Pike and Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy by Robert Hewitt Brown cover most of it. Those two books describe practically everything there is to know about the esoteric side of Freemasonry.

Why I left Freemasonry.

I left Freemasonry because it’s an outdated order and it’s long overdue for serious changes. Hundreds of years ago the teachings of Freemasonry were revolutionary and progressive, but today they’re far from it. In fact, you could argue that many of the regulations are counter-productive to progression and equality. For example, women still aren’t allowed in Blue Lodge Freemasonry and in many areas, neither are African Americans. As someone who’s taken a personal oath to truth and reason, I can’t condone such regulations. Of course, Freemasonry isn’t an intentionally racist or sexist institution, but it’s behind on the times and that’s the problem.

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  1. Wine Brewsky Wine Brewsky says:

    i was in an old church around parts unknown they had a mansonic book that was so old it was locked away an on sale for 400 $ .. my buddy had the grim moira as well .. thats a dangerous book of spells an conjurations to own so i told him to get rid of the evil thing .. lucky he did but who knows what grand master has it an has it as his bidding tool

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