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What is The Matrix?

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Jon RappoportWaking Times

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It’s hard to know what a lock is unless you know what a key is, and how they fit together.

In this case, we can pile up many words to describe the lock: the mass of unceasing propaganda that bombards the population; global elites who fully intend to manage the planet as one integrated entity; the assault of toxic medical drugs and environmental chemicals on the human neurological system; the intentionally vapid and indoctrinating educational apparatus; the money-invention structure of banks; the hidden rules governing who, now and in the future, will eat and who will starve, who will have water and who will go without, who will have money who will not.

And this is just the beginning of the list.

But the key that fits into the lock and brings about a deep acceptance of things as they are…what is that?

It is the human mind. A mind not only conditioned by external factors but programmed by the person himself. A mind that provokes an onrush of emotions that hold a person in place, unable to break out. A mind that fosters false but convincing beliefs about what exists and what doesn’t exist. A mind unprepared to view potential and dormant human capabilities that exceed the physical laws of space and time.

A mind that wants to insert itself into the lock and form a durable partnership with what everyone else assumes reality is.

A mind that wants to function within certain boundaries. A mind that embraces limiting illusions about the so-called human condition.

A mind that, in a significant sense, obsessively copies reality, mirrors reality, becomes “a twin of the physical world.”

The mind seeks The Other, and believes The Other is the “world as it is.”

In order for this strange dynamic to operate, the mind has to believe it is lost and needs to find itself.

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