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Want Cash? ATMs to Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money”

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Mac Slavo

Some of the longest standing fears have been based around the idea that once cash is fully banned, the last remaining vestiges of freedom will go with it.

While that remains to be seen in total, it is clear that a digital matrix of computer-based spending, surveillance and control is taking over more and more of our lives.

Now that system wants to scan your iris and even talk with your smartphone in order to allow you to access your own hard-earned money.

Sadly, this eerie new world order scenario is closer to reality than ever before.

While cash will still be around for now, it is about to become more tightly controlled than ever before. Most banks are now limiting withdrawals and flagging customers with large cash requests as suspicious to law enforcement or federal agencies.

Meanwhile, he next generation of ATMs – while still spitting out bills – will focus more on technological verification of patrons, and even biometric verification.

With growing concerns over digital security and authentication, privacy is all but dead.

NBC News reports on the surprising changes that could be fast approaching the cash machine you frequent around the corner or down the street:

No card reader, no PIN pad, no touch-screen display — how you bank at your ATM could drastically change in the not-so-distant future. Citigroup is testing an automated teller machine made by Canton, Ohio-based Diebold that relies on your smartphone and perhaps an eye scan to dispense your cash.

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