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Oregon Sold $11 Million In Marijuana The First Week Of Legalized Recreational Sales

Published on October 11, 2015 by   ·   2 Comments


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 Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection

After a full week of legal marijuana sales to adults in Oregon, the numbers have completely blown Washington and Colorado out of the water! Even being the first to legalize, Colorado’s first week of $5 million dollars in sales paled in comparison to Oregon’s $11 million. And…Oregon has HALF the population of Colorado!

According to the Oregon Retail Cannabis Association, the state’s dispensaries sold an estimated 11 million dollars in cannabis the first week, equaling a quarter of what the state expected to be sold in an entire year. The state estimated tax revenues of only $9 million dollars for the entire year of 2017, which amounts to about 40 million in total sales statewide. By October 7th, just one week in, Oregon sales show just how badly they underestimated the popularity of cannabis.

“We’re seeing about 500 people a day,” Nectar owner Jeff Johnson told KGW TV in Portland, showing the huge numbers of people waiting to buy recreationally.

“There for awhile, towards the end we were thinking we might have to close the doors because we weren’t getting any kind of steady business,” Rachel Clerk, an employee at Fresh Buds, also told KGW.

With numbers like this, will communities that banned, or are thinking of bans, change their mind?Frustrated canna-businesses across the state hope so.

Ed Medina, owner of A Better Way Medicinal in Klamath Falls, a town that banned recreational sales, explained, “While lines are forming around the block at medical dispensaries that are allowed to sell recreational cannabis, we have seen a steady decline in our medical only sales.”

“In Klamath County, where businesses have closed recently, putting 100’s of people out of work, including the 2 Haggen’s stores, and where our schools and law enforcement are crying for funding, we have to turn away customers, and watch an entire industry flourish in other counties and cities around the state,” Medina told OCC. “It is incomprehensible as to why our local leaders could be so stubbornly stuck in old fashioned ways of thinking. My only hope is that they will open their eyes, see what’s happening in other counties, and change their minds.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Good. Now the greedy idiots running the country see there is money in it, the walls will start falling.

  2. Chad Prier Chad Prier says:

    Talk about making money hand over fist. They will soo. Be like Colorado and have to GIVE MONEY BACK to the citizens of the state. Federal govment needs to get their heads out of their stupid asses.

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