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Hollywood: Demonic Possession & Satanism Popular Again, But Why?

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Demonic possession and satanism have suddenly become popular again in Hollywood movies


A new wave of films about possession have swept across Hollywood, taking Satanism and demonic possession back into the mainstream once again. 

Director Mark Neveldine (Director of “The Vatican Tapes”) says Pope Francis is helping the new interest in exorcism due to his Jesuit roots, and the fact that he believes in the reality of Satanism and the battle between light and dark in the literal sense. reports:

The new wave of possession films could take scary movies even more into the mainstream. Possession is more personal than vampires and zombies—the threat comes from within. Teenagers especially relate to the notion of one’s body and mind being taken over by an uncontrollable force they can’t understand.

Belief in a demonic presence is a part of many religions, notably Catholicism. Mark Neveldine, who directed this summer’s film “The Vatican Tapes,” says Pope Francis is helping drive the new interest in exorcism. The pope is a Jesuit, whose members believe in the everyday reality of Satan. To them, their order has a special mission to fight demonic forces on earth.

“Francis is dead serious about the devil,” says the Rev. Thomas Rosica, an English-language attaché to the Holy See press office. The church has for centuries had instructions in place for the purging of demons. When the Vatican in 1999 revised its guidelines in part to help priests distinguish demonic possession from mental illness, it didn’t budge from its view that Satan is real and can be expelled.

A 2013 video of Pope Francis praying over a man whose body eventually goes slack went viral on YouTube, with many claiming that the pontiff was casting out a demon. At the time, the Vatican responded to the furor by saying: “The Holy Father had no intention to perform any exorcism. Instead, as he frequently does for the sick and suffering persons who approach him, he simply meant to pray for a suffering person who was presented to him.”

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  1. Hollywood? I thought it was DC.

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