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Halloween Asteroid: Are The CIA Plotting Staged Asteroid Attack?

Published on October 26, 2015 by   ·   2 Comments

Is the Halloween Asteroid really a CIA staged attack in the making?


Is it possible that the Halloween Asteroid due to pass by the earth this Halloween may in fact be a CIA cover for a man-made asteroid attack that will hit the earth and create huge destruction?

According to one researcher, the CIA are plotting a twin man-made asteroid attack at their headquarters beneath Lake Genevais, and all of the other recent asteroid close-calls have been a rehearsal for the main event this month.

Truther News reports:

Although a major asteroid, comet or meteor has not struck Earth since the Dinosaur Age, one is expected nonetheless by Halloween, October 31, 2015.

In what appears to be CIA cover for the impending man-made asteroid strike, NASA recently stated that Asteroid (410777) 2009 FD, which is “large enough to be potentially hazardous, will pass Earth on October 29, 2015 (16.3 lunar distances). Consequently, an alleged attack by Asteroid (410777) 2009 FD and/or one of its alleged moons is expected.

It is imperative to note that within the last 18-months, over 10 asteroids, comets and meteors have allegedly passed within striking distance of Earth. This notion only makes sense when it’s understood that all of these asteroids have been fabricated by the ESA and NASA (at the behest of the CIA) in order to provide the necessary cover for the impending man-made asteroid attack.

Back on December 10, 2013, published a terror alert in respect to a man-made asteroid attack from Comet ISON. Less than 24-hours later, Comet ISON was officially declared dead by NASA. Needless to say, in the aftermath of this report, the JADE HELM 15 man-made asteroid attack will also be declared dead.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jamel Parker Jamel Parker says:

    no telling what will happen. It’s too quiet right now. :/

  2. Eva Pelayo Eva Pelayo says:

    I say don’t mess with gods creations as long as they don’t bother us ,its only passing by why mess with it ,it may turn around and kick us in the ass.

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