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GM Pig Organs Could Soon Be Used For Human Transplantation

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Scientists at Harvard university have used a gene modifying technique called ‘Crispr’ to make replacement human organs from pigs. Pig DNA will be modified to the extent that the host human will accept the donated pig’s organ without complications.

Prof George Church of Harvard University is finding a way to bypass the human immune system to accept the donated pig’s organ and put an end to the age old problem of insufficient human donors needed for organ replacements and longer life. The pigs will be genetically re-engineered to grow human acceptable organs. In some way the method could be described as vulgar by human and pig alike; In another way it shows the complicated world of nature where humans depend on pigs for their survival in the jungle of life.

The BBC reports:

The early work, in the journal Science, aims to address concerns about rejection and infection by viruses embedded in pig DNA.

If successful, it could be an answer to the shortage of human donor organs.

Years more research is needed before genetically modified pigs could be bred to grow organs for people.

Gene editing

Crispr is a relatively new scientific tool that lets scientists snip and play around with the code of life – DNA.

Prof Church, from Harvard University, used it to inactivate a retrovirus present in the pig cell line.

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