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Plants, Trees And Foods Brought To Earth By Alien Gods?

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Plants, Trees And Foods Brought To Earth By Alien Gods

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Indian legends relate the story of a powerful lady who brought the gift of maize from the heavens.

Ancient Egyptians tell how the goddess Isis came down form the heavens with white and redbarley, wheat and corn.

American Indians could not have known of Egyptian legends and yet the stories are almost identical.

Did the Egyptian goddess Isis visit America? According to botanists there are several cultivated plants of unknown origin. Where they brought to Earth from an alien planet?

What plants and foods did the ancient astronauts bring to Earth from cosmos?

In Peru, there is a certain medicinal plant known as “Star-reed”, and a substance called “Starshoot” that can be found in marshes. It is believed to have arrived on Earth from a shooting star.>

According to the Indians of Canada and the Buffalo Hunters of the Great Plain, the Corn Mother was a member of the sky people. In prehistoric times, she descended from the heavens and gave people the gift of maize.

She also taught natives wonderful things about the planets, stars, the Moon and Sun, and the marvels of the Universe. The Great Plain Indians believe that tobacco was also brought from the sky by the gods.

The Indian legends of the Corn Mother take us directly to ancient Egypt and the story of the goddess Isis who also introduced several food items to the people.

In H.P. Blavatsky’s (1831-1891) The Secret Doctrine (1888) it is written that the gifts of wheat and corn were brought to ancient Egypt by the deities Isis and Osiris who descended from the skies.

Manetho of Sebennytus, an Egyptian priest and historian who lived during the reign of Ptolemy II (283-246 B.C.) wrote in one of his works that Isis who came from the Constellation of the Dog, Canis Major which is 8.7 light years away was the first person to bring the gifts of wheat and corn from cosmos.

Isis was also credited for the introduction of beer brewing in ancient Egypt.

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