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Out of Control Cop Fires on Teens Found Making Out in Car

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Out of control cop fires on teens found making out in car

In today’s day and age you may not want to kiss in public, or you might get shot

Shepard Ambellas/INTELLIHUB

— According to reports, a campus cop, who was working the Elliot Elementary School campus recently, fired upon a teen couple who were merely making out in a parked vehicle.

Apparently the officer decided it was prudent to shoot at the 17-year-old’s car with two occupants, after the driver fled from the scene while being confronted by the cop during the lovers steamy kissing session.

The driver’s side rear wheel was reported to have been struck by a bullet.

Reports say that the driver just wanted to leave the scene and was likely embarrassed.

Sara Whaley reporting for Fox23 News wrote:

The officer said he felt threatened by that move and fired the shot.

Payne emphasized his officer’s right to the gun.

“Our police officers are all CLEET certified, so they are real police officers,” Payne said. 

However, he said criminal investigators will have to decide if he used that gun the right way.
Justified or not, the school district said the kids had no right being on their property. 

While being on the property is hardly an excuse to shoot at two unarmed teens kissing, it demonstrates the fluidity of the ever-increasing police state.

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