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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Christian Music Artist TobyMac and the Illuminati

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Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, is a Grammy-award winning Christian music artist who was one of the first well-known Christian rappers in the biz.  He started his career in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1988 when he became one-third of the popular group dcTalk. For the next 13 years, they went on to win four Grammy awards and two nominations; as well as 16 Dove awards and five nominations.

dcTalk's logo.  It looks a lot like an illuminated eye, doesn't it?

dcTalk’s logo. It looks a lot like an illuminated eye, doesn’t it?

After the group went on a hiatus in 2001, TobyMac began his solo career with the albumMomentum, and has since released five more successful studio albums.

His most recent 2012 album entitled Eye On It made music history. This was the first Christian album since 1997 to enter the Billboard 200 at number one. There have only been two other Christian albums to accomplish such a feat: Leann Rimes’s You Light Up My Life and Bob Carlisle’sButterfly Kisses, both released the same year.

Eye On It garnered both a Grammy and Billboard Music Award; it also earned TobyMac an American Music Award for Favorite Christian Artist and KLOVE’s Artist of the Year. So, what made this album shoot straight to the top? It’s obviously not common for Christian artists, so why this one?

Eye On It


Here is the front of the album cover for Eye On It.  It literally just has an eye on it. Makes sense since it’s in the name, I guess.

“I set my eyes to the west, walkin’ away from it all

Reachin’ for what lies ahead, I got my eye on it

I see my sweat hit the ground

I put my foot in the block

This is the race of my life

And I can’t wait for this shot”

So, the very first line of this song is I set my eyes to the west, walking away from it all. What exactly is he referring to? As soon as I heard “west,” my stream of consciousness was: California, Hollywood, fame, and money. Is he walking away from Christianity to pursue a life of more fame and riches? What does he have his “eyes” set on? He sings that he “can’t wait for this shot.” I  don’t understand what he means by that since he already has six Grammys to his name and, in my book, that means he’s already made it.  What else could he be aiming for?

“I got a new passenger to help me navigate the way

So when my heart hits the floor I can recalibrate

I feel the deeper callin’ me, all else is fadin’ in the past

So let me run in the race that I know is built to last”

Who is this “new” passenger? TobyMac has been in the Christian music industry for over two decades, so he’s obviously not a young believer. Why would he have a new passenger to help him along the way? Shouldn’t it have been the same one since the beginning? Not once throughout the entire song does he specifically mention God or Jesus or anything related. The lyrics are very vague and if I did not already know he was a Christian singer, I’d probably think this was another mainstream artist singing about making it into the biz.

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. TheUniverseFades says:

    Okay, I agree, his lyrics are a little vague, but I completely disagree with the rest.
    1. He could be singing for another person, on their behalf. MATTHEW WEST does that a lot. Some of his songs aren’t about HIS religious life, its about others.
    2. This page is based on speculation. Isn’t this suppose to prove the TRUTH? With actual EVIDENCE? OBJECTION YOUR HONOR, SPECULATION!
    3. Okay, composer, if your Christian, I understand pointing this out, but this page is BRUTALLY attacking Toby, beyond a gentle objection.
    4. If your not Christian, Composer, DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE FROM THE OUTSIDE. If your not with God you have no quickening in spirit, you can’t correctly judge whether someone has the Holy Spirit or not.


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