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Enlightenment and the Pain of Existence

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enlightened pain

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I can feel a shift going on in the ‘matrix’ at this moment. Although it’s a very positive shift, it’s also very painful, dragging up much debris from the ancient past. Before we come into the bright lights of the new paradigm, we must venture through the darkness. So those on the path, are dredging up much density which is being unwound and released. It’s painful yes. It seeps into our thoughts and emotions yes. But the only way out is through. So how do we sail through the stormy waters with the clearest possible foresight? How might we minimise any undue suffering?…

The Akashic Records

The Akashic records contain elementals of consciousness relating to everything that has ever been and existed. They are not in themselves a direct record of what took place, because what took place was like everything else – a shift of energy, a movement of consciousness. And since there is only ever one moment of now, the past is continually moving through the moment and being rearranged. We’re left with elements and influences, but not the past itself.

Imagine it like this: the universe is as one vast, amorphous jelly fish, moving through space time continuum. When it moves, all of it moves. Not one part remains the same. So in the moment of now, there are parts of the jellyfish as it once was a moment ago, and already aspects of the new form beginning to take shape for the moment that is to come. There is only ever one moment, but when you plot the course of the jellyfish, because it’s form has a pattern, a flow and a sense of movement, then it looks like there is past, present and future. There isn’t, it just looks that way.

“What we do in life, Echoes in Eternity!”
Marcus Aurelius
(so it does, but they are only the echoes!)

So when you access the highest levels of consciousness – the least disturbed by time – you get the closest picture of what has gone before. It feels like you’re looking into the past. From this vantage point, I’ve had many deeply profound reminiscences of the early hours of existence.

The earliest distortions

I’ve spoken before of some of the earliest ‘distortions’. These are where unity consciousness as the soul ‘forgets’ itself. Instead of always expressing the memory of the original condition of oneness (it’s sole purpose), there’s an identification with the separation consciousness, with materiality. In a human sense, Adam is getting lost in the taste of the apple. There is ‘lack of self-realisation’. The soul is not ‘self-realised’. Amongst other key ones, there’s a fundamental distortion that I believe many will encounter on the road of Enlightenment. I call it the “Pain of Existence”.

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