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Cracking the illuminati Number Code & Agenda

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As you all may or may not have noticed I have been talking a lot about all things mathematical lately.  Such as sharing some info with you all about cryptography, algorithms, and of course posting a ton of coded kryptos & binary codes on my FB page.  However, before I get started I would just like to say beforehand that just because the illuminati also loves to do everything by numbers does not at all mean that learning about numerology, and math is considered evil.  It works both ways.  As a matter of fact our entire Universe is built-in a numerical construct, along with all of your computers, cellphones, music that you listen to, and even your brain.  The only difference is what makes something “evil” is when someone takes advantage of these knowledges & wisdom to use it for their own gain at the expense of others.  That is the only difference.  So please, let’s get that dogma out-of-the-way because they won’t have all of the power if you all would just stop feeding them your energy!  Just be AWARE of what is going on is good enough.  One should be smart enough to know what is good or evil to them right?  So I don’t want to waste my time lecturing about good vs evil since that’s also all in your mind anyway because “they” created this duality of good vs evil and its up to you to fall for it or not.   Pretty simple.  Also, once you start seeing things more clearly everything becomes pretty easy to figure out, and you won’t have to be so confused or get stuck in this spiritual warfare anymore, and just enjoy your ascension instead. Innocent

Now, let’s get to the interesting part shall we?  If you want to find the illuminati or figure out who is behind certain events etc just follow the numbers and you’ll find our beloved illuminates there. They sure do love their numbers, and today I’m going to crack their codes for you because hey what do you know? I LOVE NUMBERS TOO!!! Tongue Out  But I would be honored to expose them and share with you all! :D

To make a very long story short:  The Illuminati planned their founding in 1776, right at the beginning of Night 1 of the seventh Wave of Creation. This was indeed the right energetic moment in time to openly start seizing global power. They put the demarcation year of 1776 openly on the US one dollar bill (in Roman numbers). It tells us that Day 1 ends in (about) 1776, which is at the same time the start of Night 1. This claim is very accurate since the actual date of this transition is December 27th, 1775. By writing 1776, meaning January 1st, 1776, there is just a minor difference of only five days, which is a deviation of just 1 percent. That is also probably the reason the Illuminati used this 5 from the five days difference for their founding on the first day of the fifth month (May). That is not all. There is more to this date. The number 8 refers to infinity (¥). There are, for example, 8 geographical directions. The meaning of using three eights is complete infinity, since the meaning of 3 is completely. Since everything has both a yang side and a yin side, two of these triple 8’s are required. That is another reason why the Illuminati put the year 1776 on the US one dollar bill.

888 + 888 = 1776

Their masterpiece (so far) is clearly 9/11. You’ll notice that the number 9 is also very important as this is actually considered what one calls the “GOD CODE.”  I’ll explain more of how that works in another blog. The date of this attack exactly corresponds to the beginning of Day 2 in the eight Wave, making it the perfect day for blocking as much germination of strength based consciousness as possible. The date of 9/11 also matches with the North American emergency telephone number of 9-1-1. This date therefore triggers associations with fear and panic, and clearly not with inner strength. In numerology, which is a system that reveals the numerical root value of both numbers and words as presented below, the 9 represents the Ruler and 11 is the number of Mastery. With 9/11, the Illuminati demonstrated their dominating power, hoping for recognition as ruling master on this planet.  After 911 intermediate days, the Illuminati again demonstrated their power. On March 11th, 2004, they brought terror to Madrid, the capital of Spain. The numerical root of this date is 11, and so is the adding up of 9 plus 1 and 1. In the Netherlands, the would-be Prime Minister Pim Fortuyn was killed on May 6th, 2002, just a few days before the elections. Adding up 5 (May) and 6 gives 11. Even though he was dead, he still received most of the votes. Just like with the murder of John F. Kennedy, the arrested shooter was a scapegoat, blocking the public’s attention for the real killer and the ones responsible for these assassinations. Exactly 911 days after the murder of Pim Fortuyn, another famous Dutchman was brutally murdered on the streets of Amsterdam. The assassination of Theo van Gogh was on November 2nd, 2004. This date of 11/2 corresponds with the Dutch emergency telephone number of 1-1-2. I clearly see the fingerprints of the Illuminati in all these terrorizing events. All dates clearly show the number 11. Literally, Illuminati means ‘Enlightened Ones’, but instead of Lightness, they openly worship the Darkness. Referring to this Darkness, the Bible mentions the number of 666, being the Number of the Beast. Exactly 666 days after the brutal murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, on November 4th, 1995, the British Lady Diana was murdered in Paris, on August 31st, 1997. Rabin’s murder happened in the 11th month and the numerical root of the date of Diana’s murder also is 11. The use of 11 is the trademark of the Illuminati, or should we write this name as I11uminati, with ‘11’ (eleven) instead of ‘ll’ (double el)? The Twin Towers also represented a gigantic 11.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. zachary says:

    I have noticed that where the Illuminati is on the dollar bil there is a code on him I dont know what it means but it says this MDCCLXXVI I think it’s the worlds most secret code.

  2. zachary says:

    One more thing I noticed where the bald egel is it has a code saying this E PLURIBUS and next to it it says UNUM

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