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Flatland: Understanding Multiple Dimensions From Our Third Dimensional Perspective

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Humanities understanding about the nature of our reality seems to be increasing exponentially. For quite a while now, we’ve been contemplating the anomalies within consciousness, quantum physics and more that are helping to further our understanding about our world and worlds beyond our world. The search for Earth like planets and life beyond our planet has been going on for quite some time now. With the concept of intelligent extraterrestrial life on the minds of many, more concepts within science come into play. Now, we are contemplating the existence of multiple universes, as well as multiple dimensions of reality. We are not only on the verge of confirming intelligent extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial worlds, we could be on the verge of confirming  extra-dimensional worlds, and extra dimensional life, if we haven’t already.

Flatland is a novel written by Edwin Abbot in 1884. It is the story about a two-dimensional world referred to as Flatland which is occupied by geometric figures. One day this world is visited by a three dimensional object (a sphere) to introduce the idea of a third dimension to a square, in hopes of educating the inhabitants of Flatland (the square) of the third dimensional reality. After the two dimensional beings are open to the idea of new dimensions, the sphere tries to convince them of the existence of a fourth, fifth and sixth dimension. The two dimensional objects are offended, and filled with fear. Incapable of comprehending other dimensions, they are returned to the comfort of their known Flatland.

Below is a great depiction of Flatland and dimensions by Dr Quantum, from the film “What The Bleep Do We know”. You can view the entire film here. But the clip relevant to this article is below.

As you can see in the 2nd dimensional world, there is only left, right, forward and backwards, but no up and down. Two dimensional objects would be flat, and would have no concept of three dimensional objects like a sphere. If a third dimensional being were to enter into flatland (2nd dimension), its true shape would not appear, only a small portion of it, a cross section of it, a misrepresentation of the real shape. Similarly, we exist as third dimensional beings, and would not be able to perceive what a fourth dimensional being would look like. This would mean that if a being from the 4th dimension did appear, its true shape from that dimension would most likely be misrepresented. As doctor quantum illustrates,if life in higher dimensions exists, they can see things in a way that we can’t yet. They have access to a much different perspective than we do, and could easily manipulate, play around with our reality  until we became aware of it. In our case, 4th dimensional beings would be able to see things in a way that we can’t yet.

If we see only what we know, how does anyone ever see anything new? The unknown…how do we ever get out of our box? – Dr Quantum

Suppose a visiter from the 4th dimension decided to come down into our 3rd dimensional world, and spoke. We would only hear the voice, unable to see the being. Just like in the video above, the little flat circle could not see a physical depiction of the voice she heard from the third dimension. This is because that flat circle was limited to the 2nd dimensional perception of reality. There was no up. there was no down. Unless the being decided to make its presence known, it would not be perceived.  So what about the 4th dimension? As you saw with Dr Quantum and flatland, second dimensional objects were stuck in a specific space of reality, just like we are currently limited to our 3rd dimensional concept of reality.

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