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Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Over Twitter Followers

Published on June 14, 2013 by   ·   7 Comments

secret service tom francois


Tom Francois was visited by the Secret Service merely because he posted anti-Obama messages for his “large”Twitter following to read. I am sick and tired of looking out the window to see if Old Glory is still flying to reaffirm my shaky belief that I still reside in America. Francois never threatened the president; he simply lambasts and lampoons his actions, facial expressions, and unconstitutional policies. The most thin-skinned president in the history of the Republic has proven once again that he has nothing but disdain for the First Amendment.

The Secret Service agents arrived at the home of Tom Francois and asked if they could come inside and take a look around. Noting that he had nothing to hide and not wanting to see his things tossed about if the agents were forced to wait for a warrant, the avid political cartoon creator let the men inside. Francois maintains that while he loathes Barack Obama’s policies, he has never threatened his being in any way, shape, or form. I scanned hundreds of Francois’ tweets (which were the cited reasons for the Secret Service agents arriving on the blogger’s porch), and saw nothing violent—just the same angst felt by millions of Constitution-loving patriots.

Francois was reportedly told by the Secret Service agents that his large Twitter following was a concern. While Tom does have a sizeable number of followers, his numbers do not make him anywhere near a household name – perhaps that is what President Obama was trying to prevent.

The Secret Service agents asked Francois to sign an Authorization to Review Medical and Mental Health Records form after a search premises document was signed. Tom signed the forms simply to facilitate matters so future visits would not be necessary. While the decision was both pragmatic and understandable, an American citizen should not feel compelled to share their medical and mental health records with the government simply because they exercised their First Amendment rights in front of 11,692 Twitterfollowers.

While the blogger’s signature was still drying on the intrusive documents, he was asked if he ever left his home state or traveled to Washington, D.C. The next question will not come as a shocker considering the current political climate. Secret Service agents asked Tom Francois is he owned any guns. President Obama apparently does not like either the First Amendment or the Second Amendment, and would probably be thrilled if we could just throw out the entire Constitution. A multitude of liberals feel the text the greatest nation in the world was founded upon is merely an outdated document anyway, so why would a Socialist-leaning president even bother to follow the freedom-ensuring dictates?

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. William Shearon says:

    Ahhhh YEAAAA, is anyone suprised? I meen, look around you. This country has gown to hell. And who is the bus driver? Datss right, Obama and now this country has become an (the) ObamaNation.

  2. farang says:

    “A multitude of liberals feel the text the greatest nation in the world was founded upon is merely an outdated document anyway, so why would a Socialist-leaning president even bother to follow the freedom-ensuring dictates?”

    1) George Washington stated “it was his fervent wish that they had created a LIBERAL nation.” That you swallow Rush Limbaugh’s Orwellian definition of “liberal” is your problem, not mine. It means FREEDOM. LIBERTY.

    2) You lose all credibility when you can not distingiush between Fascism and Socialism. “Commonwealth, of Virginia, ever hear of it??? Washington, Jefferson, Madison…ever hear of them???

    “This land is your land, this land is my land..” Not Halliburton’s, not Exxon/Mobil’s, not Google’s or Apple’s. OURS, a COMMONWEALTH to be SHARED.

    I KNOW and LOVE my Constitution well, do YOU!!!

  3. Arizona says:

    SEAL TEAM 5,tried to warn americans of nuclear weapons PLANTED all over america,set to go off on orders of the anti-christ,the police gangs stopped them from disarming them all,you won’t hear about it, cause the women moderate all the information,america won’t be warned,but they did try…………..

  4. Arizona says:

    THIS IS A WARNING,and you whores had better not change it,AMERICA IS ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED,get ready,foreign military troops are coming into america by the thousands every day,GET READY,we are about to have the hell bombed out of US,IF you don’t leave the cities NOW you won’t be leaving and you also won’t live long if you stay,LEAVE NOW,america is about to be gutted of everything you have,OBAMA gave the Vehicles,and all the heavy equipment to the russians and all the land and people to the chinese,YOUR IN REAL DANGER,GET READY,your out of time……………

  5. Patty McGarrity says:

    When you choose to throw out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, what do you go by until the states vote on a new document or set of documents? Does Obama simply want to ‘tell us’ what the new document is? Sorry, that is dictatorship!

  6. Who does this is the issue.this issue is about who gets to access, doubtless politicians and their cronies or any religious affiliated psychitrists or any non-neutral persons who have provenm untrustworthy – if politicioans have neurotech access they will destroy the private sector, if the same politicians have are term limitless and nepotistic democracy will be destroyed as well
    this is like military top brass being prohibited from participating in defense contract industry to prevent vested interest, in this case a Nazification/Junta-fication possiility is prevented if military brass are prevented from dealings in the weapons and
    weapons industry or police owning uniforms manufacturing factories, security firms etc..
    take abit further and we see how a religion which prints religious material that a Federal govt buys or Principals own stationary or school book factories that the Federal governmen buys from.
    To address these issue is to display exceptionalism, to prevent comflict of interest and to end vested interest and the harming of democracy by preventing such econo-political fiefdoms within society much like GLC contracts and corrupted citizens who accept vote buying or indulge the bove behaviours then are afraid that their vote must remain secret. I personlly do not see the need for votes to be secret IF all of the above are prevented. Hence transparency improves democracy and can only exist IF the above behaviours are prevented through laws. People can check who voted for who, knowing that GLC
    collusion does not exist, THAT is the essence of exceptionalism which hive mindedness ends and individuality breeds, the educational system must TEACH that.

  7. nygrump says:

    Does this guy ever say n0? And he just sas quickly says yes to give up his medical records? I’m gonna have to take his criticism of Obama with a grain of salt.

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