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How to eat and stay raw in the Winte

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Need a little inspiration in the form of practical and simple tips to eat and stay raw when it’s cold? Absolutely! Here’s  my list…

Spice it up.
Have you ever taken a bite of a jalapeño and sat back to enjoy the sunset? If you have done these simultaneously, you are my hero and I want to hear from you! As for everyone else- you know how hard it is to chill on the sofa, as you attempt to chill your mouth. You don’t need to go to this extreme though, just add a little spice like ginger, cumin, paprika, coriander, etc to your dishes and enjoy the feeling of warming up from the inside out.
Dust off the dehydrator.
David Wolfe says it best: “Eat foods that are warming, such as dehydrated foods, they are more calorically dense, therefore typically more warming”.
See abundance, everywhere.
It is easy to feel like we are missing out, especially since we are regularly bombarded with enticing images of ‘freshly’ baked breads and crispy roasts. But you will never fall into that trap again, if you start discovering how many vegetable, fruit and nut varieties are out there. In fact, even if you eat a brand new variety every day for the rest of your life, you still won’t be able to try all of them.
Just add hot water.
Unlike the process of cooking, which applies high heat to food over extended periods, the nutrients and enzymes in your veggies won’t get a chance to cripple if all you do is add hot water right before serving. You can still have a warm soup, wahoo! And if the sound of a warm soup is not as appealing as a hot one, just think how long you usually wait to let a cooked soup cool down so that you don’t burn your tongue or do damage to the esophagus.  So prepare a raw soup or chocolate nut milk and add hot water to it whenever you are ready to eat.
Warm your plates.
Even though you can easily eat warm foods living a raw lifestyle (see above), there is nothing more off-putting when you are served a nourishing meal in a stone cold plate. Imagine looking forward to a spiced hot chocolate, but a touch of the freezing cup is enough to send chills through your bones instead. Warm up your crockery in an over, a dehydrator or run it under a hot water tap.
Move your asset.
Rekindle your relationship with the gym or plug in your laptop to the TV and stream instructional dance videos from YouTube. Movement is vital for many various reasons, exercise increases heart rate, improves blood circulation and deepens breathing. What I love about all of this is that, they are sending signals to the brain, that you are looking after yourself. Once you get in to this rhythm, you will be surprised at how easy and exciting it becomes to make healthier choices in every other area of your life, such as choosing herbal tea over a dairy hot chocolate in winter.

Plan ahead.
Think of a week you were being super healthy and proudly so. Was it because you ate out all week and had lunch on-the-run? If I were to take an outrageously wild guess, I’d say it is probably due to you being organised and planning your meals ahead of time. Am I right? Imagine the week ahead and jot down what you’d like to have for dinner each night. Now do a big shop according to your plan, but double the ingredients list, so you can always have a healthy left-over meal for lunch too. If your fridge is always full of choices, you will also likely be less inclined to order take-outs or snack on treats when hungry.
Fool your taste buds.
During the cooking process, you are applying high heat to food, which turns the carbohydrates in to sugars. This makes cooked foods sweeter and more appealing to the taste buds, so you find yourself coming back for more. Say no to being tricked, but trick your taste buds instead- just add natural sweeteners, such as dates, agave, stevia or honey to a raw version of your classic winter favourites.
Eat the seasons.
Seasonal foods are so much sweeter, tastier and more nutrient dense, than any force-grown produce. Mother Nature is full of clues and inspiration for us to follow her cycle, as she provides us with an abundance of sweet fruits for endurance during ever active summers and calming root vegetables for grounding, settling down and recharging, during winters.  In the Nourished eBook, you will find a list of seasonal produce for winter.
Dress accordingly.
A silly tip, I know, but from now on- every time you turn your nose up at a green juice when it’s cold, you are going to remember to put on warmer clothes.
And finally, if you were not hungry for an apple…
You were never hungry to begin with.
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