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5 Tips for Staying Upbeat During Winter

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During the winter months, when the sun is down before dinner time and the weather is bitterly cold (or constantly raining in the case of my adopted city of Seattle), just stepping outside can seem downright unappealing. But spending more time at home doesn’t have to result in a nasty case of cabin fever. Here are a few tips that I’ve found useful for making the most of the chilly season.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Winter is the perfect time to develop a new hobby or learn a craft that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Host a knitting night with some like minded friends. Or stay home, throw on some music, and discover the meditative qualities of crochet.

Winter’s dark stillness can make these months a great time for reflection and growth. Signing up for a class or workshop in a field that you’re curious about can be a great way to spur creativity. Or take matters into your own hands and check out the art instruction section of your local bookstore. There you’ll find texts in all different styles to guide you through the basics of anything from figure drawing, to watercolor landscapes, or pet portraiture. Then the next time your great aunt’s birthday comes around you can surprise her with a stunning likeness of her Shih Tzu Terrier.

Give Your Home a Comfort Makeover

With a few simple ideas, you can make being stuck at home something you actually look forward to. Start with a room that you regularly hang out in. Rearrange the furniture in a completely new way, taking everything off the wall and try out some new wall hangings, or different arrangements of the old ones.
Fill the air with fresh, inviting scents. Try and steer clear of artificially scented candles and incense, and look into brands that use plant based ingredients. A little cedar and pinon incense can do wonders for opening up a stuffy room and bringing the comforts of the outdoors in. When comfort-izing your place, don’t forget about the bedroom. Pro tip: If there is a single item that will vastly increase the comfort factor of a home, a feather bed just might be it.

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