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Study Finds that the Average Child Is Now Chronically Sick

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What hope is there for the future when the average child is sick? We’re going to find out, because that’s today’s reality—thanks to the vaccines of rapacious pharmaceutical corporations that couldn’t care less. 

Sick Boy, by Justus Thane

Sick Boy, by Justus Thane (Background touched up to remove objects)

Heidi Stevenson/GaiaHealth

Many of us have known, simply because of observation, that children are no longer healthy. Now, a scientific study documents what we’re seeing. The average child is now sick, chronically ill. It doesn’t bode well for the future of the United States, and is almost certainly true of other developed nations.

The nature of illness now isn’t the sort of thing that once brought temporary discontinuation of play for a minor childhood disease. Now, the illnesses plaguing children are ones that will likely dog them for the rest of their lives, making their lives both poorer and shorter. This is the gift that modern medicine has brought us—and this is the issue on which it needs to be judged.

The big question is why hasn’t this been headline news? Wouldn’t people want to know? But the fact is that the study isn’t new. It was published in 2010. Everything about it is clearly intended to hide the truth.

The study’s title, “A National and State Profile of Leading Health Problems and Health Care Quality for US Children: Key Insurance Disparities and Across-State Variations” gives the impression that the issue is primarily insurance variances.

The study’s conclusion doesn’t mention this disastrous news:

Findings emphasize the importance of health care insurance duration and adequacy, health care access, chronic condition management, and other quality of care goals reflected in the 2009 CHIPRA legislation and the ACA. Despite disparities, similarities for public and privately insured children speak to the pervasive nature of availability, coverage, and access issues for mental health services in the United States, as well as the system-wide problem of care coordination and accessing specialist care for all children. Variations across states in key areas amenable to state policy and program management support cross-state learning and improvement efforts.

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