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Is Pot Smoking Bad? Ask Michael Phelps…Most Awarded Olympian Ever

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Weed - Is Pot Smoking Bad?<br /> Ask Michael Phelps…Most Awarded Olympian Ever

As the smoking hot United States swim team won their dank gold metal in the most recent men’s 4 x 200 m relay in England, at the Olympics on Tuesday; It was much more than a dream for those on the Olympic swim team… rather it was Michael Phelps blunt statement that he is in fact the greatest pot smoking athlete the world has ever seen.

You know marijuana is going main stream when you have the likes of Michael Phelps, one of sport’s most notable stoners, now also being decorated as the most metaled Olympian in the history of the Olympics. How will the world react to the fact that the fastest man in the swimming pool, also happens to be a stoner? I thought marijuana was supposed to be bad for your lungs? Didn’t they tell us that one joint equals 20 cigarettes — and that anyone that dares to smoke the “devils lettuce” will be relegated to a life of compromised lung’s and health?

A compelling case can be made based on Michael Phelps. That marijuana is indeed not bad for your lungs. As a matter of fact, it may even be good for them. Phelps has 19 Olympic medals draped around his neck demonstrating the pot smoking side of the argument.

So where is the straight edge side of the argument, what’s their evidence?

Not only is Michael Phelps going to go down in history as the greatest pot smoking athlete of all time… I think he might even have the suits, squares and straight edge crowd converted on the point of marijuana smoking being beneficial for one’s overall performance.

It would be problematic to deliberate who the greatest American weed smoking athlete has been over the years, most have been smart enough not to get caught (sorry Mike). If we could broaden the question, that might make it easier. You may concur or not… that Phelps is the greatest stoner of all time. I happen to think he is.

Regardless, as stoners around the world embrace his achievements as their own… he has single handedly raised the collective heads of the marijuana community in every county and given hope to all that maybe someday they too can be judged based on their accomplishments, rather than the perceived stereotype.


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