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Who Determined That the Mayan Calendar Ends on December 21, 2012?

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Who Determined That the Mayan Calendar Ends on December 21, 2012?

Cosmic Convergence/TruthTheory

Where did the “Long Count” End Date really come from?

Who would deny that there is a LOT of conflicting and confusing information regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar? Complex, complicated and convoluted is the only way to describe the overwhelming number of narratives surrounding the date December 21, 2012.

How do we decide which of these different stories is close to the real narrative as predicted by many of the world’s scriptures, sacred calendars and ancient prophesies?

There is only one context in which to properly evaluate the Mayan Calendar Long Count and its many weighty implications and far-reaching ramifications for humankind. And that is the macrocosmic context.

In order to properly understand the macrocosmic context, there must be some acknowledgement about the relationship between different schools of cosmology, ancient calendars and spiritual traditions. The following set of equations illustrates the true relationship between some of the major pieces of the End-Time puzzle.

End of the Mayan Calendar = Closing of the Iron Age = Twilight of the Kali Yuga = Grand Finale of the Book of Revelation = Appearance of the Blue Star Kachina = Omega Point = Ending of the Current World Order  

The Sun Ushers In A New Era With Current Solar Maximum

As with the closing of every era there comes the opening of a new epoch. “When one door closes another door opens.” is as relevant to the transitioning of the various ages as it is to job employment. And so, here we are standing at the threshold of a cosmic convergence which will usher the human race into a new age of heightened Self consciousness and expanded collective awareness.

Of course, the language surrounding this New Age is also indicative of the many religious prophecies, cultural traditions and societal expectations which converge at some point in the not to distant future. These memes have been planted into human consciousness over the course of millennia, and have served to set up the fast approaching moment known variously as:

- The Golden Age
- Satya Yuga
- Age of Aquarius
- The New Age
- New Millennium
- A New Heaven and New Earth
- Ascension
- The Return of the Gods
- Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle
- 5th Density Earth

From this New Age lexicon we can plainly see that there is common ground among many different cultural traditions around the globe. Therefore, we know that we are at a HUGE turning point. Now we look to locate that cosmic juncture as best we can by tracing back through time to the germination of the time-seeds which produced the many ancient calendars. And, by viewing the future through a newly-fashioned telescope of higher consciousness — one that can only be created by the fusion of a refined intellect and enlightened intuition of a new heart-centered race of humanity.

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