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Fukushima: Chernobyl ‘Solution’ Not an Option!

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Chernobyl ‘solution’ has NOT been done at FUKU, will NOT be done and is NOT available for Fuku!

Put the reactors under water now.  Questions?!  Read on….

OK…..  Let’s deal with the concerns about ‘SAVING THE OCEAN’ from Fukushima radiation contamination.  

The short answer is:  TOO LATE.

It seems that people who can remember or who can read and watch youtube think that the Chernobyl solution is the answer.

That is easily dispelled since Chernobyl’s neutron “switch” was killed with Boron and it did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactor.

The Chernobyl ‘solution’ was not done at Fukushima and is not available for Fukushima.  

The result of cementing the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors would be a huge pressure cooker and resulting long series of horrendous steam explosions as the earth under Fukushima tore itself apart.

It’s the Chernobyl “neutron flux” that they killed. Many brave, deadly serious, about-to-die helicopter pilots bought the farm from lethal radiation doses holding over the open, destroyed reactor to drop Boron, sand concrete and water to destroy the radioactive engine in the reactor core. Many of us owe them our very lives.

Chernobyl. Millions died.  Officials numbers are substantially reduced and suppressed on behalf of the nuclear states.  Radiation experts world wide have documented 1.5 million deaths, so far, from Chernobyl.

Chernobyl did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactors, for all the wanna-be-rocket-scientists out there….. just sayin…read on, please…..

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