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Unexplained Artifacts Baffle Scientists

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There are those that believe that as a species, we do not know as much about our history on this planet as we may think. We faithfully believe what science tells us. It isn’t until artifacts like the ones you are about to see that we begin to question what we have been taught. We begin to wonder what else we may not know, or are yet to find out.

Ancient Unexplained Footprint

The footprint seen here looks like any other ordinary footprint. Five toes, a heel and an arch are nothing out of the ordinary. Only this particular footprint has caused a few problems for scientists. Why? The obviously human footprint is fossilized in stone estimated to be about 290 million years old. This means that the footprint was made long before humans, or even dinosaurs are thought to have existed on the planet earth. The mysterious footprint was cast in Permian strata, which dates from 290 to 248 million years ago.

Smithsonian Magazine ran an article in 1992 about the strange discovery, in which the fossil and others like it that have been found were referred to as “problematica”, meaning big problems for modern day science and tough to explain, considering what we are generally taught about the history of our planet and our species.

Time Traveler’s Footprint?

This mysterious shoe print fossil was found in a Fisher Canyon, Nevada. It is estimated that the age of the coal that this size 13 shoe print was discovered in is over 15 million years old. The strange fossil even has double line of sewn stitches around the edge of the shoe. Considering the fact that coal takes millions of years to form, it would be impossible unless there was actually a shoe wearing human present at the time the footprint was made in the stone, that eventually turned to coal. Could there have been advanced civilizations well before modern day science has stated? Some have even attributed this mysterious print to a careless time traveler, referring to the fossil as the “Time Travelers Footprint”.

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