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Most Dinosaur Bones Discovered are Highly Radioactive

Published on May 17, 2012 by   ·   2 Comments

 Susanne Posel/TruthTheory

Most Dinosaur Bones Discovered are Radioactive

Most dinosaur bones discovered are highly radioactive. Because of this, the bones displayed in museums are covered with heavily leaded paint.

Mainstream scientists explain this phenomenon by citing elemental uranium deposits in Colorado and Wyoming. These deposits were formed during the Jurassic-age. The radioactivity is generated from sandstones found in the region. However, not all dinosaur bones that are radioactive are discovered in the areas.

Elemental uranium does not occur in nature. This isotope forms through combination with oxygen and several uranium oxidized minerals and compounds.

Many dinosaur bone discoveries are made with mobile scintillators using sensitive Geiger-Muller tubes.

To explain the purveying evidence of radioactivity during ancient times, scientists at NASA and the University of Kansas claim that gamma-ray bursts could have facilitated mass extinctions that would have remodeled our atmosphere.

A gamma-ray burst consists of a sudden explosion of a nearby star that may well have depleted half of the earth’s atmospheric protective ozone layer.

“A gamma-ray burst originating within 6,000 light years from Earth would have a devastating effect on life,” said Dr. Adrian Melott of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Kansas. “We don’t know exactly when one came, but we’re rather sure it did come — and left its mark. What’s most surprising is that just a 10-second burst can cause years of devastating ozone damage.”

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. alanna says:

    hum seems i thought that tooo

  2. The Slimy One says:

    Fossils become may become radioactive through the accumulation of naturally occurring radioactive deposits (usually Uraninite or Thorianite). The type of deposit depends on the specific geographic location. Some elements can be come radioactive isotopes due to “neutron induced radioactivity” (from “neutron radiation” – duh). Others become radioactive through “beta particle capture” while interacting with cosmic rays. These “cosmogenics” include Carbon (C-14), Potassium (K-40), etc. As far induced radioactivity from gamma rays or x-ray, any info is welcome. If the “aliens” nuked the dinosaurs, it would have had to have been conducted on a global scale. I can’t imagine the whole planet earth being nuked around the same time. As a result, the dino-fossils would be contaminated by the same types and (and similar levels) of radioactive “fission products”, mostly Technetium (Tc-99) and traces of Cesium (Cs-137) and Strontium (Sr-90). I grew up watching all the sci-fi monster movies from the 50s & 60s (which makes me the real expert here).
    So There!

    May death come swiftly to his enemies.

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