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From A to Z: The Right Foods For Every Disease

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Each food has a very important healing properties for our health. Discover the A to Z what foods are good for any possible illness … Discovered what foods may minimize the negative symptoms of some diseases but not to exhibit growing problems of any disease by eating them.

  • Acne: carrot, cabbage, lettuce, brewer’s yeast, tomato, turnip, dandelion, yogurt.
  • Aerophagy: fresh anise, fennel, lemon, marjoram, mint, oregano.
  • Anemia: garlic, apricot, orange, beetroot, carrot, chestnut, cabbage, radish, watercress, sprouts, wheat, brewer’s yeast, lemon, apple, walnuts, olives, propolis, leek, parsley, prunes, spinach, dandelion, grape.
  • Anorexia: garlic, apricot, orange, radish, watercress, fennel, cedar, lemon, nutmeg, oregano, basil jelly, propolis, grapefruit, parsley, black radish, sage, celery.
  • Arthritis and Arthropathy: garlic, asparagus, artichoke, cabbage, cucumber, radish, onion, cherry, strawberry, lemon, apple, tomato, grapefruit, leeks, mafrorapano-black radish, radish, grape.
  • Arterial hypertension: garlic, strawberry, lemon, marjoram, apple, olive, rice, rye, soybeans, grapes.
  • Atherosclerosis: garlic, artichoke, carrot, cabbage, onion, cherry, strawberry, wheat, brewer’s yeast, apple, walnuts, tomatoes, leeks, plum, rye, soybeans.
  • Bleeding: orange, carrot, lemon and propolis.
  • Arterial hypotension: oats, barley, royal jelly, propolis, rosemary, sage, thyme.
  • Angina: garlic, artichoke, carrot, cabbage, beer yeast, apple, walnuts, rye, soybeans, yogurt.
  • Bronchitis: garlic, carrot, cabbage, chairefyllo-chervil, onion, watercress, figs, sprouts, lettuce, apple, mint, honey, oregano, barley, pine nuts, black radish, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme.
  • Blocks: (see Cancer).
  • Bladder stones (urolithiasis): garlic, oats, carrots, cabbage, cherries, watercress, fennel (fennel), strawberry, lemon, apple, leek, parsley, black radish, turnip, radish, celery, dandelion.
  • Biliary stones (cholelithiasis): artichoke, carrot, cherry, onion, strawberry, lemon, apple, eggplant, walnuts, olives, black radish, radish, rosemary, dandelion, grape.
  • Cough: Garlic, fresh anise, basil, carrot, cabbage, onions, figs, lettuce, almonds, honey, oregano, pine nuts, propolis, black radish, rape, sage, celery, thyme.
  • Constipation: apricot, orange, carrot, cabbage, chairefyllo-chervil, radish, cherry, onion, fig, strawberry, wheat, lettuce, brewer’s yeast, almond, apple, eggplant, melon, olives, potato, peach, propolis, tomatoes, leeks, plum , rice, rye, dandelion, grapes, yogurt, pumpkin, zucchini.
  • Capillary fragility: orange, cabbage, buckwheat, lemon, pepper, red pepper, grapefruit, parsley.
  • Cancer: garlic, beetroot, carrot, cabbage, chairefyllo-chervil, onion, watercress, sprouts, apple, propolis, parsley, celery.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver: onions, cabbage, cedar, propolis, rosemary.
  • Colic liver: (see bile stones).
  • Colitis: garlic, basil, cinnamon, carrot, artichoke, cabbage, radish, onion, beer yeast, apple, mint, honey, barley, tomatoes, rice, rosemary, dandelion, thyme, grapes, yogurt, pumpkin, zucchini.

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