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Did Chicago Police Mastermind Alleged NATO Terror Plots?

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After a weekend of violent altercations in Chicago, Illinois between police officers and demonstrators protesting the NATO Summit, many questions remain unanswered over a string of alleged terrorist plots foiled by law enforcement.

At least 11 men were arrested in three separate incidents in the days before this weekend’s conference of world leaders in the Windy City. As events wind down on Monday, however, half of those originally detained have been released with no charges pressed and little explanation from investigators. Of those that remain behind bars, all have been linked to two alleged police informants, “Mo” and “Gloves,” that are believed to have worked undercover with law enforcement to infiltrate the Chicago activism community.

The attorney representing three men arrested on terrorist-related charges on Wednesday says that the alleged crimes in question were perpetrated by Chicago police officers and reeks of entrapment. Those close to individuals apprehended this week on separate but similar charges also say that the alleged crimes in those cases are full of holes and seem equally suspicious.

Three of the men arrested Wednesday night remain in custody on Monday for allegedly conspiring to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possessing of an explosive incendiary device. The trio was swept up in a raid in the Chicago neighborhood of Bridgeport at around 11:30 that evening that ended with nine suspects behind bars. After two days of unanswered questions, however, six of the men were quietly released without charges.

One of those men, who gave his name to the Chicago Tribune as Robert Lamorte, says he had only been in town for an hour when he was arrested by a swarm of police clad in riot gear with weapons drawn.

“I’m leaving here first chance I get,” Lamorte tells the paper. “I don’t want to deal with any more problems.”

Lamorte adds that he was never told what crimes he was accused of committing before he was released without any charges. Others on the scene tell reporters that they were called “commies” and anti-gay slurs by the arresting officers.

Also arrested during Wednesday’s raid were a 66-year-old grandfather and a mid-30s male who tells the Tribune he was handcuffed and shackled for 18 hours, refused access to a bathroom and never read his constitutional rights.

Aside from an alleged “conspiracy” charge, that man — 36-year-old Darrin Annussek — tells the Tribune, “None of us were told why this was happening.”

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