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Are Things Happening For You or Against You?

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Jeremy Britton/TinyBuddha

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” ~Buddha

Your life is much like a radio.

If you’re in control of it, then you can actually tune in and make sense. Then you can set your dial on the talk-back radio show, listen to that, and learn some things, or you can set your dial onto music and have an enjoyable time.

If you feel that you are not in control, or you do not realize that you are in control, then you may just hear a lot of static and annoying sounds that might even drive you crazy.

The process of “Flick your Rich Switch Transformation” (FYRST) is about taking control of your life, taking control of all of the things that you merely think you are not actually in control of (but you are, or you can be).

Some people don’t think that they control their mood, their lives, their blood flow, their breathing, their heart rate, their body language—and that’s why they often get some outcomes that they’re not happy about.

Someone else can control all of those things by telling you some bad news or some exciting news; for example, “The winning lottery numbers are 4, 23, 16, 19 & 30.”

It is the subconscious process occurring in your own head that will make your blood flow to your face or to your feet; it is your own thought process that will make your heart pump slower or faster; your own thoughts that will make your body stand straighter with excitement or slump lower with dread.

Yes, dread. For some people, winning millions may represent an increase in responsibility, stress, and anxiety.

Fears can occur, such as “What if I blow it?” “What if someone steals from me?” “What if someone kidnaps my kids and holds them for ransom?”

Statistically, ninety-five percent of people who win the lottery will end up broke within two years. Much of that is due to poor mindset, not poor skills.

If you do not realize that you are in control of your own bodily functions, such as breath, blood flow, posture, muscular tension, and so on, you might be listening to the static on the radio, or maybe you are just receiving nothing.

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