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Drones To Soar Over US and Canada Sooner Than Thought?

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Non-military agencies have been gearing up to get unmanned drones in the sky across America, and now it looks like those controversial aircraft will soon be heading north, as well. only are surveillance drones expected to soar in droves across American airspace in the not-so-distant future, but now it has been confirmed that authorities in Canada have successfully followed through with test flights of the unmanned aircraft for their own use.

A spokesperson for CAE, Inc., which is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has confirmed that a series of test flights have occurred in recent weeks as the country looks towards purchasing drones for domestic use. According to CAE’s vice president, Pietro D’Ulisse, the capabilities of the craft will be a great asset for law enforcement across Canada.

“Much like the use of simulation in training, the use of unmanned systems for a range of civil applications has the potential to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and save money. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Aeronautics, regulatory authorities, and potential customers as we demonstrate these capabilities,” D’Ulisse reports in a recent press release.

It has been revealed in recent months that the US Department of Homeland Security has been operating an arsenal of similar unmanned surveillance crafts to keep close watch on America’s border with Mexico. On the horizon, however, are plans to expand that program domestically from coast-to-coast, authorizing smaller jurisdictions to operate spy missions by themselves in their own airspace. As the US considers furthering plans that will put added fleets of surveillance drones under the command of local law enforcement departments, though, Canada is also embarking in endeavors that will essentially put all of North America under watch from above.

Perhaps it’s an exaggeration, but according to papers made available by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in recent days, the future of space age spying is already here.

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