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What Does It Take To Be Courageous?

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Lets face it; we don’t like change.  We will grow old, yet we do everything in our power to keep looking young. We complain about how our relationships are not like they were in the beginning and even how we used to be able to “get into” a specific yoga asana (pose).

Chapter 19 reminds me of a one of my students. She had been very dedicated to her personal practice and was feeling great. A few months later her knee began to bother her and after seeing a few doctors, she eventually had knee surgery.  Afterwards, she was upset that her yoga practice was not “what it used to be.” Not surprisingly, her sankalpa at the time was to “slow down.”

Why is it that we resist change? Change is scary for all of us; in order to face it we need courage.  We needn’t look any further than ourselves for this strength.  In my experience, it is belief in your Self and trust in something higher, that is the most challenging. When I feel supported and able to trust in what I know, then things begin to open up and change begins to feel more like blossoming rather than turbulence.

“True growth requires you to clear your own path.” ~ Rod Stryker

My student eventually realized that she would need to adapt, adjust her yoga practice and begin to embrace her present situation. I truly believe that because she had the intention of connecting with her dhi, the courage to welcome this transition was much smoother.

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