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Is Our Greatest Desire To Be Conscious Creators?

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Enoch Tan/ Wake Up World

As you live your life on earth, you always incorporate an expectation. You know what to expect, you know your direction, and you know what you want. But the greater desire is to be aware and to be intentionally directing and creating what you want. In other words, your greatest desire in this physical realm of existence is not just to experience, but to be a conscious creator. Your greatest desire is to be enlightened. You wish to know who you really are and what you can do and how to go about doing it.

You can think of many, many, many expressions that you want, but in relation to any of them the desire to be intentionally creating and aware of creating is greater than any of the individual wants that you may want to create. You may want a job, you may want to engage a particular activity, you may want to create a relationship, or you may want to create money, which are all valid. But the greater want is to understand and know HOW to be directing yourself intentionally to create those WHEN you want.

Therefore, in that greater desire, you yourself shall present to yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself by identifying what is the most influencing of you that prevents you from creating what you want. Many times, those things preventing you are what you call truths. Therefore, your self shall present many different expressions and scenarios in which you can offer a showing to yourself of your truths and how they are influencing. This is to help you change your truths into better ones.

Pay attention to what you are doing – this is the official formula. Paying attention to what you are doing is the way to be conscious. Pay attention to what you are thinking, pay attention to what you are feeling, pay attention to what you are saying, and pay attention to what actions you are making. Observe how they relate to the results that you experience. Do not be unconscious about how your success and failures are created. Otherwise you will always be uncertain as to what causes leads to what effects.

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